US Testing Using “Inhalable Nanobodies” to “Fight the Coronavirus”

Your preventive treatment for the deadly coronavirus has only just begun.

Did you think inhalable nano-tech was still a decade or so off?


No, no – it’s not as bad as you think. Surely. It’s not as bad as the headline suggests…?


In search of ways to complement jabs or to treat patients who can’t be vaccinated, scientists have tested inhalable anti-Covid nanobodies on hamsters, saying they’re effective in fighting the virus by targeting its spike protein.

The promising new findings came courtesy of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, marking the first time nanobodies have been tested for inhalation treatment of the coronavirus disease.

Nanobodies are similar to monoclonal antibodies, widely used in certain cancer treatments, but are smaller in size and boast a lower cost of production, which may prove key to a global rollout should the treatment gain regulatory approval in future.

The researchers previously identified some 8,000 nanobodies which they whittled down to just one highly effective or “ultra potent” version called Nb21, which they then bioengineered to better slot together with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

Their aerosolized nanobody, named Pittsburgh inhalable Nanobody-21 (PiN-21), is said to have reduced the number of infectious virus particles in the test subject hamsters’ nasal cavities, throats and lungs by a million-fold.

“We are very excited and encouraged by our data suggesting that PiN-21 can be highly protective against severe disease and can potentially prevent human-to-human viral transmission,” said co-senior author Yi Shi.

The study says that hamsters who inhaled PiN-21 at the time of infection experienced no Covid-19 related weight loss, compared to the control group, which received a placebo and lost 16% of their initial body weight within a week of infection. This would be the equivalent to an adult human losing 20lbs (9kg) in one week, it said.

Test subjects who inhaled PiN-21 experienced milder changes in lung structure and severely reduced inflammation following infection than the placebo group.

The researchers were careful to emphasize that the nanobodies work in conjunction with but are not a substitute for vaccines. Vaccines help prevent the spread of the virus while the nanobodies help treat those already infected and those who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons.



Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

These are not actually “nanobots” of course, but genetically engineered antibodies from an – *checks notes* – genetically engineered antibodies from an alpaca.

So, that means it isn’t the nightmare scenario where the government can put tiny inhalable machines in the atmosphere to invade your body and take over control of your brain. Probably, actual mind-controlling inhalable nanobots are still a decade away.

The thing about that is: they will be inhalable. When QAnon people said they were secretly putting nanobots in the vaccines, I said that if they had those machines, there would be no need for an injection, they could just release them into the air.

Remember this?

A reader wrote me recently saying that it was “insane” to talk about the fact that the elite are trying to become cyborgs. Meanwhile, in reality, cyborg elites are the least of our concern!

But yeah – I don’t think people saying ultra-advanced nanobots already exist are correct. This stuff has to be developed in massive university projects.

To be clear: they are not testing nanobots. This is a jargon misconception. They are testing mutant antibodies from an alpaca.

For more information on the actual state of nanobots, you can check this short Phys.Org article from December, 2020.

I don’t blame people for getting confused by this jargon, but they are not talking about nanobots in the context of this inhalable new vaxx. Also, the inhalable vaxx is an asthma-style inhaler. It is not capable of just being released into the air in a store – yet.

Consent is Over – They Will Release Inhalable Molecules in Public Places

At this point, they have already made it clear that “consent” is no longer an issue when it comes to the alleged coronavirus. No, they haven’t force-vaccinated anyone yet, but they are effectively force-vaccinating people by shutting them out of society using “private companies.” It’s the same thing they did to me when they took my freedom of speech – they said they weren’t actually taking my freedom of speech, private companies were doing it (I was banned by literally every single Western company, including the company that keeps the “.com” thing working). The government is allowing businesses to discriminate against the non-vaxxed, they’re allowing people to be fired for not being vaxxed.

The purpose of the government is to defend your rights. There is not really any practical or moral difference between a government committing a crime against you and a government approving of crimes being committed against you by private actors. Obviously, the government works with private actors. The government is contracting with companies that are forcing their employees to take the vaxx. (The only people who are protected from having to take the vaxx are government employees. Hence, Anthony Fauci says only half (or maybe 60%) of his own employees have taken the deadly cocktail.)

This is to say: we are already at the point where the government is capable of justifying releasing inhalable biological particles into public spaces without you agreeing to it. Your window of time to stand up and say no to this closed over a year ago. Society is now on rails, going wherever Bill Gates and the Jews decide to take us.

It is clear now that there is some kind of bizarre human genetic engineering agenda at work here. It’s not clear what the purpose is. But the vaxx is not supposed to kill people (at least not immediately). It is killing a lot of people because whatever it is that they are doing to people is very dangerous.

Here’s the thing: if the vaxx was just about submitting to authority, they could just give you the one the Chinese are giving people, which hasn’t killed anyone. (nb4 “the Chinese could cover up the same vaxx death rate as the US without there being a single report on it” – no, they could not do that. China has a lot more freedom of speech than America, and we hear about the deaths here.) There is something in the vaxx that they want to get into people’s bodies and we do not know what the purpose of that is. They are also talking about having nonstop “boosters” for this vaxx.

What it appears to me is that they are running a massive genetic engineering program on the entire population. Inhalable biological particles will become a part of that strange quest.

This is all going to come upon you if you do not leave the city immediately. Whatever you have to do to get out, get out.

Lest you receive of her plagues.

If inhalable particles are in animal trials, they could start human testing soon. Then, how long is it before they just start releasing them into supermarkets?

Maybe that’s why they’re allowing you to take your mask off?