US Southern Command Tweets Image of Russian Jets

Does this mean US Southern Command is controlled by Russian agents?

Or are they just stupid?


The official Twitter account of US Southern Command is facing mockery after it posted a picture featuring silhouettes of Russian Sukhoi fighter jets to mark the US Air Force’s birthday.

The simple graphics, posted on the occasion of the 74th birthday of the USAF, featured three top-down views of warplanes. The silhouettes don’t feature much detail, but their tail sections strongly implied that the aircraft are not from the fleet normally deployed by the American armed forces. Instead, they strongly resemble Sukhoi Su-27 twin-jet fighters.

It is definitely the silhouette of a Sukhoi.

It is definitely not an F-22.

And it’s also not an F-15.

Someone fixed the image for them.

The obvious explanation here is that some graphic designer just typed “military jet” into Google Images and based the design off of the Sukhoi, and then no one working at SouthCom noticed.

The least they could do at this point is delete the tweet.

But no.

They will just rely on the US media to not report the mistake.

The United States is not a serious country.