US Soldiers are Tear-Gassing Iraqis, Last Line of Defense from an Iraqi Invasion of America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

Donald Trump is a real man, and he tackles the real issues with strength.

The biggest problem facing the American people in 2020 is Iranian-backed protesters in Iraq.

If we don’t fight them over there, they’ll fight us over here.

When you’ve got a brigade of Iranian-backed Iraqis storming your tent city, it won’t matter that your son just died of fentanyl and that your daughter is having sex with niggers, will it?

When the Iranian-backed Iraqis come for you, the only thing that will matter is one thing: survival.

We need to put aside our differences and stop thinking about everything that is actually happening in America and focus on this most prominent threat.

Americans must unite against Iranian-backed protesters in Iraq.


U.S. troops fired tear gas on Wednesday as hundreds of Iran-backed militiamen and other protesters gathered outside the American Embassy in Baghdad for a second day and set fire to the roof of a reception area inside the compound.

Dozens of Iran-allied militiamen and their supporters had camped out at the gates of the embassy overnight, a day after they broke into the compound, trashing a reception area, smashing windows and spraying graffiti before pulling back.

The U.S. Marines guarding the embassy fired tear gas Wednesday as more crowds arrived and after the protesters lit a fire on the roof of the reception area. Smoke rose from the building. There have been no reports of any injuries since the protests began.

Later, Iraqi soldiers, federal police and elite counterterrorism forces deployed along the fence between the protesters and the compound. There was no friction between the security forces and the demonstrators.

The Popular Mobilization Forces, an umbrella group of state-allied militias, issued a statement calling on its supporters to withdraw from the compound in response to an appeal by the Iraqi government, saying “your message has been received.”

Some of the protesters could be seen taking down their tents later Friday, while others vowed to stay. A spokesman for the Kataeb Hezbollah militia, Mohammed Mohieh, told The Associated Press that the sit-in “will continue.”

The most important thing right now is to root out the traitors in our midst, who refuse to unite against the imminent Iranian-backed Iraqi invasion of America.

You need to learn how to identify a traitor.

Firstly, traitors will say things like this:

  • “I don’t understand what interest the US has in Iraq.”
  • “We have problems in America that we should be focusing on.”
  • “Didn’t we already fight a war in Iraq for like 15 years?”
  • “Wasn’t Donald Trump going to build a wall or something?”
  • “Couldn’t all this money we’re spending on wars in the Middle East be used to deal with problems at home, in America?”

These statements are designed to confuse you.

Don’t engage anyone who talks like this.

Instead, punch them in the face – because they are Nazis and getting punched in the face is the only language a Nazi understands.

We have to silence everyone who voices any form of doubt about relaunching a campaign of mass war in the Middle East.

Otherwise, America will not survive.

We simply cannot handle a full-on invasion by Iranian-backed Iraqi protesters.

They would overwhelm our defenses in a matter of hours, if they decided to get on boats and start sailing towards our shores.

They have a clear path and a straight shot to storm our shores in California, and from there, bring our entire country to its knees.

We have literally no ability to stop this kind of attack.

That is why we must apply maximum force to a completely new war in Iraq – or we are all simply doomed.

Trump’s Hail Mary play of flooding the Middle East with soldiers, bombing random Iraqis, and spraying people with tear gas is literally the last line of defense against this imminent invasion.