US Soldiers are Digging Down in Syria, No Plans to Leave Soon

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2018

It seems to me that Trump has basically lost control of the Pentagon and the army is just doing whatever it wants in Syria.

Trump talked about pulling out, and then…we start bombing AND the army decides to dig in like a tick along the Euphrates.


Contrary to Donald Trump’s promise to withdraw, the Americans “are actively settling down” on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Syria and have no plans to leave, the Russian Foreign Minister has said.

Speaking in Beijing on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov said “a number of countries have explicitly chosen to disintegrate Syria.” According to Russia’s top diplomat, the US, in particular, pledged that their only aim was to “drive terrorists out of Syria and defeat the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).”

Despite this promise and contrary to President Donald Trump’s statements, “the US are actively settling down on the eastern bank of Euphrates River and have no plans to leave,” said Lavrov. The Americans are setting up local authorities in the areas they control, he added.

So basically Trump says one thing, the army does something else, and we have to rely on Russian news to bring us up to speed.

That’s the state of things.

Old map, but just to get an idea, no one knows for sure anyway

This is why I’m following the Russian news – they talk about shooting down two-thirds of America’s missiles whereas the American media says that the strikes were a resounding success.

It’s important to get both perspectives on the situation.

On March 29, Trump vowed to pull troops out from Syria, proclaiming that the United States would leave the country “very soon” and will let “the other people take care of it now.” A week after, on April 5, he reiterated the promise: “I want to get out, I want to bring the troops back home, I want to start rebuilding our nation.” At the time, Trump claimed the ultimate goal of defeating Islamic State is “almost completed.”

Earlier this month, shortly after France joined the US and UK missile strikes against Syria, Macron claimed that he had convinced Trump that it was “necessary” to extend American troop deployment in Syria. Moscow lambasted the news, saying Macron’s willingness to have the Americans stay in Syria was “some kind of colonial position.”

The wild card.

A lot of foreign policy is decided on personal relationships between leaders of countries.

But this is really something else if true.

Also, what in the world is Macron’s game?

Lavrov has a conspiracy theory that he likes to advance:

Damascus has consistently opposed both US and Turkish military presence, saying it was a breach of Syria’s sovereignty. Syrian President Bashar Assad has referred to the foreign troops as “invaders.”

Foreign Minister Lavrov accused the US last month of planning to “disintegrate the Syrian state” under the guise of fighting terrorism. The US strategy, Lavrov noted at the time, aims “to cut a huge chunk of Syrian territory from the rest of the country while setting up puppet local authorities in that area and trying in every way to establish an autonomous entity under Kurdish authority.”

This isn’t over yet, by a long shot. So many cards at play. Terrorists supported by the gulf states, Israeli meddling, American troops, Turkish troops, Russian troops, Kurdish troop and the SAA. Oh and Iran is a guest star and Hezbollah got eliminated in round one, but is back for the elimination round to get revenge.

Syria is like one of those reality TV shows where you put all the contestants in one house and watch them fight and bicker amongst themselves until only one person is left.