US Servicemen Four Times More Likely to Die from Suicide Than in Combat

The important thing is that Israel and the Jews are safe.


The forever wars that the US launched after 9/11 led to a surge in military suicides, a new study claims, with traumatized soldiers taking their own lives as they are repeatedly deployed in conflicts that have no public support.

A new report by Brown University’s Costs of War Project provides a new insight into what many dubbed an epidemic of suicides among the US military. Based on data from the DoD, the VA and secondary sources, the study found that at least four times as many military lives were lost to suicide than to combat in wars launched since the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Since President George W. Bush launched his global War on Terror in 2001, 7,057 service members have been killed in military operations. Over the same period, an estimated 5,116 active-duty personnel died by suicide. Between 2011 and 2020, 1,193 National Guard service members and 1,607 Reserve component service members also took their own lives. The suicide death toll among veterans of those wars was conservatively estimated at 22,261. The numbers totals 30,177 – more than four times higher than the combat deaths.

It tough to have to kill yourself because you’re deranged from fighting an endless war for the Jews.

But you have to understand, goyim: the Jews are God’s chosen people. You’re just a goy. Your life is only valuable in so much as it can be used by Jews.

What’s more, goyim, I hate to tell you, but it’s time to strap in and get ready to go once more.

The chosen ones need you to fight in wars with both Russia and China.

Chin up.

Unless you look like Jake Sullivan the Master of War and have no chin – in which case, just hold your head straight and march.

This is your duty and the meaning of your existence.