US Sanctions Iranian Official Over Country’s Internet Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

This makes me want to absolutely snap.

Why does some country not sanction the US for the censorship of me?

Or all those other people who are censored on the internet in the US?


The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran’s communications minister for his role in “widescale internet censorship”, a reference to a five-day-long nationwide shutdown meant to help stifle protests against fuel price hikes by Tehran.

The sanctions imposed Friday on Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi would block, or “freeze”, any of his property under US jurisdiction, the Department of the Treasury said in a statement, adding that US regulations generally prohibit dealings by Americans, or those transiting the US, in such property.

The internet blockage, which Iran said on Thursday it had begun to roll back, made it difficult for protesters to post videos on social media to generate support and also to obtain reliable reports on the extent of the unrest. Amnesty International has said more than 100 people were killed in demonstrations.

“Iran’s leaders know that a free and open internet exposes their illegitimacy, so they seek to censor internet access to quell anti-regime protests,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

Is that so? 

Let me tell you something.

Firstly, Iran makes no pretext of being a free speech country.

Secondly, all kinds of countries censor the internet to keep America from using the internet to throw revolutions in their countries, something that they’ve done in several different countries over the last decade.

Thirdly, the overwhelming majority of Western allied nations have heavily censored internets. People get arrested daily in the UK and Germany for Facebook posts.


In the US, you don’t get censored because you’re on the verge of throwing a revolution. You get censored because you make racist jokes, you talk about Jews, you believe in Christianity or you don’t think Sandy Hook happened.

There is virtually nothing that you CAN’T be censored for on the American internet.

The US will falsely claim that “oh we’re not doing it, private companies are doing it.” But as we’ve been through in detail six million times on this website, there is literally no difference between the government taking your rights and the government allowing a private company to take your rights.

The US government saying “Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Cloudflare, every registrar and every web host are allowed to collude to take away your First Amendment rights” is no different than saying that private companies are allowed to take away any of your other rights. The government exists in order to protect your rights. That’s why if someone breaks into your house, you call the police.

If you call the police and say “someone is breaking into my house,” they don’t say “they’re allowed to do that as long as they don’t work for the government.”

So the absolute level of hypocrisy involved in sanctioning Iran for censoring the internet is literally unfathomable. I believe this is the single most ridiculous thing that the US government has ever done.

I’m gonna have to take a minute to cool down here.

Let me… let me just try to go to a happy place for a bit.