US Pushing App for Chinese to Bypass Censorship

The US government and tech industry are literally pushing an app for Chinese people to use to complain about their government.

Clubhouse is a US app that is allowing Chinese people to bypass censorship, and the US intelligence internet machine has successfully built up a bunch of hype around it in China.

South China Morning Post:

Clubhouse, the popular audio-chat social networking app, has been quickly gaining in popularity among mainland Chinese users as it gives them a rare space to freely discuss such sensitive topics as Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

Clubhouse, which received a boost from Elon Musk this month, is not available in China’s Apple Store and is an invite-only app on iOS devices at the moment. That has not stopped mainland Chinese users from scrambling to download it by using overseas Apple IDs and buying invitation codes where necessary.

For users in mainland China, the app, which doesn’t support text or video, has offered a fresh platform for social debate.

“I’ve been on Clubhouse for about two weeks. So far, the biggest topics are in tech, start-up, investment and [venture capital] spaces,” said Arnold Ma, founder and an executive of China-focused digital agency Qumin.
Ma said he has seen an influx of users from Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Some topics that are off limits for free discussion in mainland China are fair game on Clubhouse, where people from different regions with opposing political views can hear each other out and discuss freely.

The question I have is: why doesn’t China do this for Americans?

It’s not illegal. China could, absolutely, produce an app and a website for Americans who have been censored in America to speak freely about topics that are banned in America.

Obviously, the app would get banned from using normal financial services, but even functioning on cryptocurrency alone, it would still make huge amounts of money.

I would think they would do it just as a matter of tit-for-tat, given all of these attempts by the US to bypass censorship in China.

The only difference between censorship in China and in the US is that the US is much more efficient, and they ban a much wider range of topics of discussion. The only thing you’re blocked from discussing in China is supposed abuses by the Chinese government.

In America, you are banned from discussing:

  • Jews
  • Black people
  • Homosexuals
  • Mass immigration
  • Women
  • Trannies
  • Child trannies
  • The Holocaust
  • Coronavirus
  • Election fraud

They’ve effectively banned half of the population of America from speaking as they normally would.

China could make a killing if they – legally – put together a crypto-based platform, using their own servers, that simply followed the censorship rules of Chinese law: you’re not allowed to criticize the Chinese government.

If anyone wants to criticize the Chinese government, they can do so on any non-Chinese platform. So there isn’t a need to allow an English-language social media outlet based in China to break the laws of China. No one who is saying anything that matters is talking about the Chinese government anyway. I don’t attack the Chinese government.

Why doesn’t China just make a social media website, in English, where users are only required to follow Chinese censorship rules?

What is the point of not doing this?

Why have they not done it already?

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Parler is still down, and it might not even be coming back, because it’s a place for boomers who claim that Joe Biden – the man attempting to start a war with China – is an agent of the Chinese. This means that Chinese companies don’t want to work with them.

Of course, I support 100% freedom of speech, but that is gone and there is no real path to bring it back. But I would be totally satisfied with a platform that just required users to follow the rules of the Chinese censorship regime, instead of requiring them to follow the rules of the American censorship regime.

I’m sure that this Clubhouse app that is being marketed to the Chinese is following the rules of American censorship. I’m sure that I couldn’t go on there and start talking about wooden doors or the racial IQ gap. I guarantee that’s the case. Because if it wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t be allowed in the Apple app store. The reason that the app is popular with the Chinese dissidents is that they don’t have any desire to talk about child trannies, mass nonwhite immigration into white countries, or Jewish bankers – and if they did have that desire, they could do it on the normal Chinese social media apps!

So China can do the exact reverse thing: market an app that follows their own censorship regime to Westerners.

They can just put it right on there: “speech must follow the laws of the People’s Republic of China.” People can follow that.