US Preparing to Accept Massive Shipment of Diesel from Russia

Well, either Sean Hannity is right, and Joe Biden is a secret agent of Russia… or the Biden Administration is getting concerned about the collapse of public support for the Democrat agenda.


The US is reportedly getting ready to receive a bulk shipment of diesel from energy-rich Russia as Washington strives to cool down the fuel’s retail price, which has recently hit its highest level since 2014.

Some two million barrels of Russian diesel carried by four tankers are currently heading to the east coast of the US, according to data from energy cargo-tracking agency Vortexa, as quoted by Bloomberg.

The delivery, which is expected to arrive in New York and New Haven, Connecticut, as soon as next week, is reportedly the most substantial in recent years, based on data going back to 2018.

Vortexa analysts highlighted that Russian producers have been ramping up production of a diesel that is dependent on a feedstock extracted from costly natural gas. Flows from the Russian Baltic port of Primorsk are reportedly expected to reach their highest level since at least 2016.

“Russia is better positioned to supply diesel than other refiners in Europe because of its access to cheap natural gas,” Clay Seigle, a managing director for Vortexa in Houston told the agency.

“It’s very rare we’d see volumes this large coming to the East Coast,” the expert added.

Maybe this is just private companies purchasing the fuel from Russia, but I don’t see why the Biden Administration would even allow that, given that they’re been framing Russia as a dangerous enemy that needs to be attacked and destroyed in the name of rimjobs.

Anyway, this doesn’t indicate a warming of relations with Russia, but simply a need to manage the disasters that the Democrats have created.

Basically, they are trying to destroy America, but they’re not trying to do it in such an obvious way. We saw this with the border crisis – they created a disaster which required Kamala Harris and the head of DHS to come out and tell immigrants to stop coming. A lot of people like to imagine that these people are invincible geniuses and that everything they do is part of a grand master plan – but there is no way that it was part of the plan to have top Democrat leaders come out and condemn mass immigration.

Just so, it is impossible that the debacle in Afghanistan was part of the plan.

The situation is confusing, because these people definitely are attempting to destroy the United States on purpose. However, they get to certain points where they have created such an obvious, extreme disaster that they have to dial it back and do damage control.

Shutting down oil pipelines in the name of global warming was intended to destroy American industry, to cause people to have to adjust to a lower quality of life, what with the windmills and so on, and to require America to be dependent on foreign oil once again. But it’s possible that the backlash from gas prices is worse than they expected, and that while they are dealing with the vax mandate, which they have to do, they need to lighten up some of the hatred they are experiencing.

Regardless, I continue to assert that they generally do not care about public opinion, and will only try to increase it when they feel it’s so low that it is potentially a threat.

Right now, polls show that Biden has a lower approval rating than any president in history.


A new Quinnipiac University national poll has some very dire news for President Joe Biden: His job approval rating sits at a lousy 36%.

That’s the lowest number for Biden in the Q poll so far in his presidency — and part of a broader several-months-long sag for the President.

CNN’s poll of polls, the average of the last five national polls, has Biden at 44% approval. The Real Clear Politics polling average pegs his average approval at just over 41%. The 538 average has the President at 42.5% approval.

But who are that 36%?

People who still remember Donald Trump?

I think it’s likely much lower than that, and these polls are actually being designed to make Biden look more popular than he actually is. If that is true, then this thing could really be slipping out of their control, and they could genuinely be worried.

The hilarious part is, they don’t have the ability to fix any of the things they broke – and trying to would destroy the remainder of their support!

The only people who do support Biden in any significant numbers are Affluent White Female Liberals (AWFLs) and some well-off faggot soy men. And then probably the Jews themselves, who are only 2% of the population. If Biden for example backtracked on collapsing the energy sector in the name of changing the weather, it would outrage those whores and soys who are his base support, and he wouldn’t be able, at this point, to reduce gas prices enough to get back any support from normal people.

Ultimately, there is no way the Democrats are going to surrender power voluntarily, so whatever happens, they are going to hurt a lot of people before they go.