US Not Invited! France, Germany, Turkey and Russia Decide Fate of Syria

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

Look at the pained expressions on all their faces lmao.

They all low-key hate each other. But they’ve banded together against the Big Don.

See, the US used to be like the Godfather. People would come to the US for blessing and approval.

But now that’s increasingly not the case.

Countries are just doing their own thing now more and more. The effort has been spear-headed by Russia, of course, so credit where credit is due I suppose. Even though Merkel and Putin can’t stand each other, lol.

The fat one in the beige blazer is Merkel. She really doesn’t want to be holding hands with the guy to her right lol.

What the Russians do now is they just don’t talk to the American State Department or bother to consult whoever the American representative is who is in charge.


Despite years of disagreements on Syria, the leaders of Turkey, France, Germany, and Russia worked out a common vision for the steps to reconciliation in the war-torn country when they met in Istanbul.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who hosted the talks, was joined by Russia’s Vladimir Putin and France’s Emmanuel Macron, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Following the summit, the four leaders held a joint press conference and released a communique, highlighting what common ground they had found during the four-way talks.

Only political solution for Syria

The leaders have “expressed their support for an inclusive, Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political process that is facilitated by the United Nations.”

That means no regime change.

Need to start work on constitution in Geneva

A committee tasked with drafting a new constitution for Syria should begin its work as soon as possible, preferably before the end of this year.

A conciliatory fig-leaf to ensure that some reforms happen.

No to division of Syria

Syria must continue to exist within its pre-war borders. Any separatist movements or desires of foreign powers to occupy parts of the country are therefore firmly rejected.

America and Iran need to get their troops out.

Keep ceasefire & defeat terrorists

The four countries have expressed their support for the Idlib ceasefire deal, brokered earlier by Russia and Turkey. At the same time, they emphasized the importance of fighting terrorism and condemned the use of chemical weapons.

Not sure what the ceasefire is all about. It would be smarter to squash the Idlib terrorists. I suppose the Russians got spooked that the Americans would do a false flag white helmets gas attack and decided to take a more cautious approach.

Boost humanitarian aid

The United Nations and other international organizations should bolster aid deliveries to the war-torn country. “Swift, safe and unhindered” flow of humanitarian aid will provide much-needed relief to the sufferings of the Syrian people.

Bad call. General Roy is of the opinion that they should keep starving the Sunnis who rebelled. Maybe they still can. Assad should hog all the humanitarian relief like an African warlord in Somalia would.

Help return of refugees

The four leaders stressed the importance of “safe and voluntary” return of refugees to Syria. To facilitate the process, appropriate housing and social care facilities must be constructed in the country.

Turkey actually benefits the most from this. They’ve got the lion’s share of refugees. Also, if the situation is stabilized in Syria, the justification for refugee flows ends. Which, it seems that both Macron and Merkel belatedly realize is causing much too quick of a transformation of the continent of Europe.

Internationally observed elections

The ultimate goal of the political settlement process is holding transparent, internationally observed elections, the statement reads. All Syrians, including those who had to flee the country, must be able to participate.

Something tells me that Assad – the war hero president! – is going to win those.

Overall, not bad. 

But the real story is in the omission. Again, all of a sudden, America is nowhere to be found. These guys decided to solve the problem amongst themselves.

A multipolar world is emerging right before our eyes.

Which is good for us. A global government is the absolute worst thing that can happen to dissidents.