US: Negroid Drug Dealer Calls Police to Report His Drugs Being Stolen – Evil Racists Arrest Him!

Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017

If not for racism, these good boys would be flying peanut butter-powered pyramids to Mars

Evil hateful racists such as myself have always made the evil, hateful assertion that most colored gentleman are unintelligent. But cases like these prove that isn’t the case – that they’re being held down by HATRED FOR THE SKIN and nothing else.

Miami Herald:

When a Florida man’s cocaine disappeared from his car, he made a phone call.

To police.

Soon after reporting the theft, David Blackmon was arrested.

Can you imagine the hatred of these cops?

This poor m̶o̶n̶k̶e̶y̶ man just had his precious cocaine, that he worked for, stolen from him, and instead of helping him recover it and buying him some cookies to make him feel better, the police arrest him! How is such racism even possible in CURRENT YEAR?

Can you imagine what paradise we’d be living in if there’d be no racism in CURRENT YEAR?!?!?!

We can still do this, don’t give up!

Blackmon, 35, of Fort Walton Beach, called deputies Sunday morning to report that someone had stolen a bag of cocaine and some cash from his car, according to a statement from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office. He told a deputy who responded that he was a drug dealer and that someone had broken into his vehicle while it was parked, taking about $50 and a quarter ounce of cocaine.

So this is how the so-called “land of the free” rewards honesty and entrepreneurial spirit – by arresting our equals for absolutely no reason at all!

But the deputy saw some cocaine still lingering on the center console next to a crack rock, the statement said, as well as a crack pipe on the car floor near the driver’s seat.

Blackmon was then arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing cocaine, a felony charge.

HE DIDN’T EVEN RESIST, AND STILL GOT ARRESTED! Don’t they know racism makes Jesus sad?!?!?!

You have to give it to Americans, though. They may be fat and unable to find their own country on the map, but they’re also the last White country in the world to have a semblance of a functional justice & law enforcement system. Countries in Europe, especially western Europe, aren’t quite so lucky…

The homeland of John Lennon