US Military: Massive Syrian War is Just Getting Started

Daily Stormer
September 24, 2014

The problem: Muslim immigrants we invited into our countries might blow us up.  The solution: Bomb the Middle East.
The problem: Muslim immigrants we invited into our countries might blow us up. The solution: Bomb the Middle East.

The Jew-run US military said Tuesday that the bombing of Syria is just the beginning of a new endless war which will continue indefinitely. The war will also get very messy as their enemies hide in highly populated areas, they said, implying that would be slaughtering civilians in an erratic campaign to kill an unclear foe, as is their normal fashion.

The US claims they are fighting ISIS and some other obscure al-Qaeda type body called the Khorasan group, but it seems likely that this campaign will also be used as backdoor to bomb the Syrian government itslef.

Washington Post:

Although U.S. officials said they were not targeting Assad or his forces, many of the Sunni Muslim allies in President Obama’s coalition would like to see Assad’s government finally collapse after a devastating civil war. Whether the coalition’s intervention in Syria will eventually help or hurt Assad represents one of the greatest unknowns in a military campaign filled with uncertainty.

Army Lt. Gen. William C. Mayville Jr., director of operations for the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, said the objectives set for the U.S.-led war in Iraq and now Syria could take years to complete. The attacks in Syria marked the start of a new phase, coming six weeks after the U.S. military began a similar campaign of airstrikes against Islamic State fighters in neighboring Iraq.

The overarching goal, Mayville said at a news conference, is “to degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State, first by directly attacking the group in both countries, severing its supply lines and disrupting its sources of arms and money.

Oh my. How difficult it is going to be to destroy ISIS by bombing them, when bombing them is such an effective way to cause more fighters to join the group. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this is simply a massive ploy to continue the endless and unwinnable Middle East fiasco that has been going on since the Jews blew up the Twin Towers.

They told us this would only take a fifty to a hundred years to finish, but we seem to be behind schedule. Maybe we can get it done in a hundred and fifty years.

Anyway, bombing them is the only way we can stop them from bombing us. I mean, the only other option would be to deport all Muslims from our countries and close the borders, but that would be racist. And if there is one thing that is worse than spending trillions of dollars on endless wars involving hundreds of thousands of casualties, it’s racism.

What good would it be to stop terrorists from murdering us in our own homes, if we became racists in the process?

Still, it is completely unclear how bombing people in the Middle East is going to keep Muslims from blowing things up and beheading people on the streets of America, rather than increase the likelihood of it happening. But it might just be too complicated for me to understand, given that I’m not Jewish.

Here’s a video of some Syrian civilians getting liberated from their houses by US bombings.