US Military Claims That Afghan Airport is Under Attack by ISIS – What?

US-backed ISIS forces are probably better organized than the US military.


U.S. defense officials say that the military is looking for alternative ways to get Americans, Afghans and third-country nationals safely to the airport in Kabul following threats from the Islamic State, according to reporting from NBC News.

Two defense officials told NBC News that they are tracking specific threats from ISIS against the Kabul airport and those trying to get to the airport. With that, alternative ways are being developed to get people to the evacuation zone, the officials explained.

“We are executing an alternate path,” a defense official told NBC News. This includes gathering smaller groups of people at specific locations and then moving them to the airport in intervals. The goal is to get them there safely and make it easier to get through the gate quickly with smaller groups of people.

The threat from ISIS comes as President Joe Biden and his administration are facing criticism on how they handled the overall evacuation from Afghanistan.

The withdrawal, which was announced by Biden earlier this year, has been beset by multiple controversies, including people swarming the airport and making it almost impossible to get even some with the proper documentation out of the country.

I don’t know if this is real or just a totally made-up thing, but it is kind of obvious that the CIA would send in ISIS to attack the Taliban after the goofy US military lost a war to them.

I don’t really think they could make it to the airport.

Where are they even supposed to be coming from?

Afghanistan does not border Syria.

I guess I believe that the CIA can materialize an ISIS unit out of nowhere using smart phone apps, but I can’t really believe that they would not be crushed by the Taliban in about seven seconds.

It seems more likely that these people are just throwing terms around.

I guess the really sad fact is that probably 98% of Americans couldn’t explain the difference between ISIS and the Taliban. I remember that in like maybe 2007, the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee or someone similar couldn’t explain the difference between Shia and Sunni.

Basically, when it comes to “Moslems, generally,” the basic understanding of the average American is that “there are a bunch of men with beards over there, somewhere.”

Imagine then the minds of liberals who are screaming about the Taliban right now but also saying we should bring an infinite number of Moslems into America. Whether or not one of these beard men should be killed or given serious welfare money depends entirely on where he is located.

Next, anti-vaxx Trump supporters are going to be cockblocking the Kabul airport.