US Media Very Unhappy About Alleged Afghanistan Pullout, Demands Action on Iran as Well

Afghanistan: It’s our duty to save these people from their problems.

Oh man, rough Friday.

Are you guys ready for some filler, followed by a 5,000 word essay about Tucker Carlson’s war on the Jews?

I hope you’re ready for a lot of filler.

But this, what you are reading, isn’t filler. This is important.

The media is flipping out over Joe Biden claiming that he’s withdrawing from Afghanistan, saying that it is going to ruin everything.

CNN interviewed a bunch of people saying that it was going to be hell on earth when the US military leaves the country:

In Kabul, there were no illusions about the conditions that would ensue. “The withdrawal isn’t for our benefit,” says Mohammad Edriss, 31, who works for a foreign NGO in the Afghan capital. “There will be violence, insecurity will dramatically increase, and once again the Afghan people will start leaving Afghanistan and seeking asylum in other countries,” he says.

Many Afghans fear that the Taliban may edge closer to power without the presence of the US military. The extremist group is fighting Afghanistan’s US-backed government and already controls vast swathes of the county’s rural areas.

Fighting has surged this year, even as the Taliban engaged in on-and-off peace talks with government negotiators.

They are really not joking about making women’s rights a central issue of the war.

Fawzia Ahmadi, 42, currently lectures at a private university in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan — a job she could not have dreamed of when the country was governed by the Taliban in the 1990s.

“We have bad memories of the Taliban regime,” she says. “Women were not allowed to go to school or university and we couldn’t even could go to the market alone.”

Under the western-backed Afghan government, women’s rights have been protected Ahmadi says, but the risk of backsliding looms. “(The Taliban’s) thoughts are the same as they were in 1996,” she says. “We fear for our freedom.”

Frankly, the Taliban is kind of alpha. If we’re just speaking in objective terms.

You can picture 50 Cent’s Heat playing as they walk in slow motion, and then there’s a montage of shootings and bombings against “democratic institutions” and women getting beat up as these old guys laugh with a bunch of gold teeth.

And they are legit good fighters, like the Fremen.

I think “White Taliban” was a good meme, but I’m not sure you’re allowed to do that meme anymore.

Of course, Donald Trump’s plan was to just let the Taliban take over the country, as they are clearly the strongest power in the country, and if this “civilian government” couldn’t gain enough influence to control the country in 20 years, they never will.

That probably is not the Biden Administration’s position.

Meanwhile, the media is also demanding a war with Iran.


Iran began enriching uranium Friday to its highest level ever, edging closer to weapons-grade levels to pressure talks in Vienna aimed at restoring its nuclear deal with world powers after an attack on its main atomic site.

A top official said only a few grams an hour of uranium gas would be enriched up to 60% purity — triple the level it once did but at a rate far slower than what Tehran could produce. International inspectors already said Iran planned to do so above-ground at its Natanz nuclear site, not deep within its underground halls hardened to withstand airstrikes.

The move is likely to raise tensions even as Iran negotiates in Vienna over a way to allow the U.S. back into the agreement and lift the crushing economic sanctions it faces. However, its scope also provides Iran with a way to quickly de-escalate if it chose.

If you’ve seen a map, you know that Afghanistan and Iran are close to each other.

A war with Iran would involve using Afghanistan as some kind of staging site.

The Biden Administration and the media are on the same page, so what the media is doing is providing cover for the Biden Administration to flip-flop on Afghanistan – AFTER the media has run weeks of headlines claiming “Biden is fulfilling Trump’s promises.”

As we wrote earlier this week, there is no chance that Biden will actually pull troops from Afghanistan. In fact, by September 11, we will likely have more troops in Afghanistan than we have now.

It looks like Russia is the first target on the hit list here. Who knows for sure, but it looks like that right now. But even if Russia is the target, they will need to escalate in the rest of the world so that these other “enemy countries” don’t start making moves while the US is distracted with Russia.

He’s definitely not pulling all of the troops. That is stupid and anyone who believes that is a moron.