US Media Recycles Anti-Russian “Afghan Bounties” Story as Anti-Chinese Propaganda Hoax

The Yellow Menace is REAL IN MY MIND.

The Western media is filled with progressively dumber anti-China news stories.

I wonder where this is all going?


With all the originality of a Hollywood remake, the story about some state paying militants in Afghanistan bounties for targeting US troops has made a comeback. This time the villain is China, rather than Russia or Iran.

Secret intelligence indicates that “non-state actors” in Afghanistan were paid to carry out attacks against US troops, according to sources. President Trump was briefed on the intelligence. The bounties were presumably offered at a sensitive time when the US and the Taliban were engaged in talks on a peace deal.

If you think that was a recap of the “Russian bounties to Taliban” story from this summer, you’re wrong. It’s actually this week’s news first brought by Axios and later reported by all the other outlets with access – traditionally – to unnamed sources. The party that was allegedly paying the bounties is China.

But the confusion is understandable, since all the same plot twists have appeared at least twice before. June reports said it was Russia that was supposedly incentivizing the Taliban to fight its sworn enemy, though the actual bad guy, according to US media, was Trump for not showing Moscow its place.

In August, bounties were reported as coming from Iran. That case didn’t make as much of a splash in the US media – possibly because calling Trump soft on Iran would have been too far detached from reality even for his biggest critics. The fresh scoops featuring China don’t even mention the Iranian remake.

The third instalment was met with glee by Trumpworld, which challenged the media to deliver the same wall-to-wall coverage it did with the first run featuring Russia. During the presidential campaign, Trump worked hard to make his Democratic rival Joe Biden appear a China toadie, so the political motivation here is quite transparent.

Yeah, RT is doing some editorializing there, but they’re right.

This is yet another stupid hoax.

Don Jr. is out there looking stupid.

The media is now nonstop anti-China propaganda, and the claim that the media is somehow pro-China doesn’t even make any sense.

People should care about what is true. And the truth is this: the United States is collapsing as a result of the actions of people who operate within our borders – most of whom happen to be Jewish or Jew-related in some way.

There is no serious Chinese threat to America, certainly not in comparison to what we have at home. It’s actually a joke to even talk about China.

People in America:

  • Stole the US Presidential Election
  • Locked down the entire country, purposefully destroying the middle class whilst enriching the elite
  • Took away all of our basic civil rights under the guise of a fake virus crisis
  • Flooded the country with drugs
  • Collapsed the family with feminism
  • Sold off our children to homosexuals
  • Legalized and promoted a pedophilic child tranny agenda
  • Created the obesity crisis by refusing to regulate the food industry
  • Legalized marijuana and encouraged teenagers to use it
  • Did nothing to punish CD Projekt Red for releasing Cyberpunk 2077 in a totally unfinished state (and also it sucks)

You probably have a lot of problems. Some of those problems are on that list, and there are certainly others I didn’t mention that are affecting your personal life.

I ask you: look at your personal life, and tell me which problem was caused by a devious, slant-eyed Chinaman?

You won’t be able to name one problem*. Because even the problems that they are saying the Chinese are causing have nothing to do with you, me or anyone we know. They’re talking about Moslems being oppressed in a barren wasteland, they’re talking about so-called gay rights in Hong Kong, they’re talking about Vietnamese fishing rights, and now they’re talking about Afghanistan.

None of this bullshit has anything to do with anything.

The fact that it is being discussed so loudly when we are dealing with all of these very real problems proves my point: this is a huge distraction. It’s also probably a part of some larger agenda to destroy China in order to absorb it into the New World Order, but from where we are sitting now, it is primarily serving the purpose of “hey – look over there!” while our lives are destroyed by people in our own country.

*Caveat: unless, maybe, if you’re Australian, but then you need to speak with your own government about why they let all of these Chinese into your country.