US Marines Utterly Humiliated by British Colleagues in Training Exercise

American forces beat the British in two world wars!

Now we’re losing to them!


UK’s Royal Marines have reportedly handed a decisive defeat to their US counterparts during exercises in California’s Mojave Desert, with the Americans losing so badly they had asked for a time-out halfway into the mock battle.

A commando of Royal Marines deployed to the US Marine Corps facility in Twentynine Palms last month for Green Dagger 2021 exercises, among other things in order to test a new force structure. After training with the Dutch, Emirati and Canadian colleagues, they were pitted against the USMC in a five-day fighting exercise.

The 40 Commando proclaimed on Saturday they were “victorious,” offering no further details.

According to the Telegraph, however, the Royal Marines “dominated” their USMC counterparts. US forces were so badly mauled after the first two days, they reportedly asked for a “reset.” At one point, the 40 Commando’s “kill board” showed almost every US asset as either destroyed or rendered inoperable.

The exercise area stretched over 3,500 square kilometers (1,350 square miles) of desert and mountains, including urban settings populated by actors playing civilians.The British force began in control of 20% of the area, and ended up commanding 65% at the end of the battle. They reportedly succeeded by targeting the US headquarters and valuable equipment, “paralyzing” the Americans’ counter-attacks. British artillery and fighter jets helped the commandos advance, and a last-minute USMC counter-attack was repelled.

Earlier this year, the US Air Force revealed it had “won” a simulated battle against China over Taiwan in 2020, for the first time in three years. However, as critics pointed out, the USAF only managed to do so after giving itself new technologies and capabilities that don’t yet exist – even on the drawing board.


The reason for this seems to be that the US military is much gayer and browner than the British military.

If we can’t even beat the very gay British, how are we going to beat the friggin’ Chinese???