US Launching Aggressive Global Propaganda War in Response to Russian Hacking Hoaxes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

This is what happens when you stop taking a serious approach to geopolitics. Which you can do when you have a brutal lockdown on the media, and all dissenting voices are systematically silenced.

No one has ever presented any evidence that Russia has done anything wrong. All you have is a bunch of disreputable lunatics making completely outrageous and nonsensical claims, such as that Russians “hacked the election” with $20,000 worth of shitty Facebook memes, which we have no evidence they even posted.

These memes, according to the Jewish media, mean that Russia is the greatest threat the world has ever known, and that they must be stopped by any means necessary.


The Russian Foreign Ministry calls Washington’s plan to counter “Kremlin influence” a “voice from the Cold War era” aiming to harvest European markets while planting “vicious anti-Russia propaganda.”

On Friday, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) presented a strategy called the ‘Countering Malign Kremlin Influence (CMKI) Development Framework.’ It humbly aims to free Europe from Russia’s alleged meddling and aggression, while injecting American companies into the local market.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry questioned the sanity of those who came up with the doctrine which “tries to terrify the rest of the world with the threat of Russia allegedly trying to undermine democracy everywhere.”

“The very name of the framework testifies to the fact that the USAID is not working to establish an atmosphere of cooperation and that in fact it is a tool of ideological warfare and brainwashing.”

The plan has a number of goals: to help European countries protect their political systems from outside interference, to counter disinformation, and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian energy and trade. The Russian Foreign Ministry sees the plan as an “aggressive offensive approach” in disguise, aimed at making commercial profit under the pretense of helping allies.

“The concept is frankly aimed at planting Russophobia in the world, especially in our neighboring states,” as well as “the desire to subordinate them to US influence, turn against Russia, including to force Europe to buy expensive American liquefied gas.”

The Foreign Ministry also noted that the announced “action plan” is completely out of tune with recent comments regarding the future of Russia-US bilateral relations made by the heads of the two states at the G20 summit in Osaka.

Washington officials are doing “their best to thwart the normalization of Russia-US relations and to further damage them,” the ministry said.

At least during the Cold War, you had some kind of logical framework. Russia was communist, and they were racing to establish influence in the third world using various methods, including war.

Looking back now, it’s hard to believe they were actually as evil as the Americans claimed, but whatever – there was at least an argument to be made.

In current year, however, it is unclear what their goals would even be, beyond just trying to stop the US from launching revolutions and starting wars everywhere.

The US is attempting to claim that it is the good guy, while it launches all of these wars. They are also claiming that they are the good guy, while they are at war with their own population.

They are also claiming they are the good guy, while they protect the “rights” of satanic homosexual pedophiles to molest small children at the library.

They are also claiming they are the good guy, while they promote this satanic Miley Cyrus video.

All objectively observable evidence points to the West being the EVIL EMPIRE.

This is leading many people to prefer Russia, which is a Christian country, which does not allow satanism or child molestation.

It’s truly amazing the way that the Mueller Report cleared Trump of involvement with Russian hackers, but then said that Russian hacking was still totally real because of these unconfirmed Facebook memes.

I’m not sure how weird things can get, but it appears they’re going to get weirder before they get less weird.