US Intelligence Report About Coronavirus Can’t Decide the Origin

Sending out spies to declare the origins of a virus is not really more scientific than sending out scientists.

To be fair.

These scientists are not very scientific these days.


The US intelligence report on Covid-19 origins that didn’t rule out the possibility of it coming from a laboratory has nothing to do with science and is aimed at “scapegoating” Beijing, the Chinese Embassy in Washington has said.

In May, US President Joe Biden gave the US intelligence community 90 days to figure out the source of the coronavirus after being left dissatisfied with the findings of the joint probe by China and the World Health Organization (EHO). The first cases of the Covid-19 outbreak were registered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, and Washington had been long trying to pin the blame on the pandemic, which so far infected over 215 million and killed more than 4.4 million people around the globe, on China. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, famously referred to Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus,” despite vigorous objections from Beijing.

The much-anticipated intelligence report was made public on Friday but failed to live up to the hype. It turns out that the US spy agencies remain “divided” on the origins of the coronavirus, with the two main hypotheses being “natural exposure to an infected animal” and “a laboratory-associated incident.” One agency, which wasn’t named, argued with “moderate confidence” that the virus originated in a Chinese government lab, while four others leaned towards the natural causes with “low confidence.”

Beijing was left dissatisfied with the paper despite it not being as affirmative and condemning as some in Washington expected.

“A report fabricated by the US intelligence community is not scientifically credible,” the Chinese Embassy in the US said in a statement late on Friday. “The origin-tracing is a matter of science; it should and can only be left to scientists, not intelligence experts.”

The paper by the US spy agencies is “based on presumption of guilt on the part of China, and it is only for scapegoating China,” the statement insisted, adding that “the wrong path of political manipulation” taken by Washington will only “disturb and sabotage” international efforts on finding the source of the virus.”

“The report by the US intelligence community has not produced an exact answer the US side wants. Continuing such an effort will also be in vain, because its subject is simply non-existent and anti-science.”

Washington keeps “ignoring” the results of the joint China-WHO probe in March, which described the likelihood of the coronavirus escaping from a laboratory in Wuhan as “extremely unlikely,” the embassy reminded.

For a while, the US Jewish media was hyping up the “Wuhan Lab Leak Theory” nonstop, and they now seemed to have backed off of that. The purpose of it, other than to attack the Chinese, was to get Republicans and conservatives to continue to believe there is a “deadly virus on the loose” and continue to go along with the lunatic measures.

Of course, none of these people are going to say the obvious fact that everyone who is not a brainwashed zombie has already figured out: there is no virus.

The Chinese could easily say that, and it is not hard to prove it. I’ve proved it on this website. But for whatever reason, the Chinese either haven’t figured it out themselves, or they’ve decided to go along with the hoax.

I do not know which.

Right now, the virus, which does not exist in reality, can be everything and nothing at once. It can be anything and everything.