US “Intelligence Community” Promotes “Wuhan Lab Leak” Blood Libel Hoax

Let’s see, what do we have here…

A little bit of hazmat action…

I’m just going to be honest with you: I’m turning into the “Asian in hazmat suit” version of a furry.

I’m long past the point of being capable of being sexually aroused by anything other than a small-eyed female wrapped in plastic wearing a welder’s mask.

But wait, sorry – what’s going on with the thing?

Oh, right – the CIA says if China doesn’t let them come in and blame them for creating the alleged coronavirus in a lab, they’re going to blame China for creating the alleged coronavirus in a lab.


The virus that causes Covid-19 was neither developed as a bioweapon nor genetically engineered, according to an intelligence community assessment that appears to come loaded with veiled threats.

Despite those points of agreement, however, some of the intelligence agencies remain at odds over the origins of the virus and the nature of patient zero’s infection. Four agencies and the National Intelligence Council “assess with low confidence” that the first infection was caused by “natural exposure to an animal infected with it” or a “close progenitor virus” that would be “more than 99 percent similar to SARS-CoV-2.” Another agency claims the first infection came from a “laboratory-associated incident, probably involving experimentation, animal handling, or sampling by the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Three more agencies can’t make up their minds without more information and have called upon China to provide such.

The part of the document describing how “most analysts” believe the virus is not genetically engineered, also suggests that those analysts could potentially change their minds and that “it will be difficult to increase our confidence” in the natural emergence of such a virus unless further evidence of how its furin cleavage site – the point on the spike protein that “enhances infection” – came to acquire its distinctive shape is provided.

This “intelligence community” bullshit is such bullshit. It’s “THE CIA.”

Basically, the CIA turned into “the intelligence community” like Google turned into “Alphabet.” (Think about that for a second to understand it.)


The US is using “intelligence apparatus instead of scientists” to determine the origins of Covid-19, undermining genuine research, Beijing said in response to the declassification of an ODNI report.

On Friday, the Office of the US Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released its assessment of how the SARS-CoV-2 virus could have first infected humans. It said the origins of Covid-19 may never be established fully, and that US intelligence found both natural transmission from animals to humans, as well as a lab leak incident, plausible.

Responding to the release, the Chinese Embassy in Washington once again questioned the US government’s use of “intelligence apparatus instead of scientists” in Covid-19 research.

“No matter how many times it is updated, the so-called ‘assessment on Covid-19 origins’ issued by the US intelligence community is not scientific at all,” embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said. “It will only undermine science-based origins study and hinder the global effort of finding the source of the virus.”

China isn’t lying. This is absolute bullshit. There is no evidence for these claims.

In fact, there is no evidence there is a virus at all.

This is so painfully obviously all headed towards the claim that China is responsible for “the virus” that destroyed our entire country. Obviously – OBVIOUSLY – even if you are the kind of person who can believe in something with no evidence on faith, trusting people like Anthony Fauci, and you believe there is a virus, you must still admit that the virus didn’t make decisions for the US government. If there was a new virus that is somehow different from the flu we’ve always had (there wasn’t), it only killed old people and the morbidly obese, and they could just as easily stay home while the rest of society functioned normally. The elderly and morbidly obese are not especially important participants in society anyway.

As far as all of these conservatives claiming that there is a virus and it’s from a “lab leak” in Wuhan – if that is true, then why on earth is the CIA saying it?

The same boomer retards (sorry, Tucker!) who say that there’s a deadly virus on the loose that came out of a lab in China say that Joe Biden is controlled by the Chinese.

So – square that circle, boomer.

Of course, they won’t. They won’t even tell you how the supposed coronavirus is different from the flu.

“The ‘intelligence community’ is working to expose Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s collaboration with the communist Chinese to create the deadly coronavirus.”

Okay, boomer.

That makes a lot of sense.

Now, please excuse me while I prop myself against the wall so I can jack off onto my own face.