US House Passes Law Demanding That China Release Islamic Terrorists Onto the Streets

Even after stripping the entire population of the most basic rights, locking us all in our houses and barring us from standing next to each other while they collapsed our economy on purpose, the US Government is still playing global morality police.

It’s really a bold move, when people are still locked in their houses, for this government to be making demands about the domestic policy of a country on the other side of the planet.

New York Times:

The House voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to pass a measure that would punish top Chinese officials for detaining more than one million Muslims in internment camps, sending President Trump a bill intended to force him to take a more aggressive stand on human rights abuses in China.

The bipartisan vote, 413 to 1, cleared legislation that would compel Mr. Trump to impose sanctions on Chen Quanguo, the top Communist Party official in Xinjiang, where the camps are, and mandate that the director of national intelligence produce a list of Chinese companies involved in the construction and operation of the camps.

The bill’s passage reflected broad congressional support to punish Beijing for its ruthless campaign against Uighurs, Muslim ethnic minorities, and to press the administration into action to condemn China’s mass detentions. The Senate passed the legislation, which was sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, earlier this month.

“With this overwhelming bipartisan legislation, the United States Congress is taking a firm step to counter Beijing’s horrific human rights abuses against the Uighurs,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. “We must continue to raise a drumbeat and shine the light of abuse perpetrated by Beijing against the Uighurs whenever we can, from this House floor to the State Department to other multilateral institutions.”

Representative Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, was the sole lawmaker to oppose the bill.

The drive to pass the legislation has been a yearlong effort by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, especially China hawks, who have grown frustrated at the administration’s reluctance to punish human rights abuses by Beijing despite damning reports outlining a brutal indoctrination campaign against Uighurs.

The White House and the Treasury Department had previously refrained from imposing sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for the camps for fear of jeopardizing the chances of reaching a trade deal, though last year the Commerce Department blacklisted eight Chinese companies whose products have been used to surveil Uighurs.

Tensions have since risen with China during the coronavirus pandemic, and Mr. Trump’s campaign aides in recent weeks have taken up a partywide strategy of attacking Beijing, in part to divert from the administration’s own handling of the health crisis.

The best thing for China to do would be to pass an “American Human Rights Bill” and start sanctioning US politicians who contributed to the lockdown. That would be hilarious and it would really point to how absolutely ridiculous and absurd it is for the US to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries in the name of defending some vague global moral code, baselessly asserting that the morality they only invented a couple of decades ago is somehow universal and beyond question.

There is nothing that keeps China from asserting that it is the moral center of the universe. In fact, they have a lot more ground to stand on with regards to that than the American government does. Chinese people have fifty times the basic freedoms we have.

The fat slob Mike Pompeo actually claims that there needs to be more freedom of speech in China, as he remains totally unconcerned about the complete lack of freedom of speech in America. China could in fact start sanctioning the heads of American social media companies for disallowing the American people to voice their opinions.

There are all sorts of things China could do to assert that it is the global leader of morality, and they absolutely should do these things in light of the lunacy of the US making all of these demands on them with regards to Hong Kong and the Moslems.

At the very least, it would throw these people off, as so much of this is based on the fact that they know other countries don’t understand the context of this morality crusading, which allows them to act with impunity as the Chinese just stand there, baffled and trying to grasp what it means that the US government is demanding that they free Islamic terrorists from internment camps.