US Government Nominates Violent Hong Kong Rioters for Nobel Peace Prize

Peacefulness on steroids

Nothing says “peace” like rioting, smashing up the mall, catching the mall on fire, and lighting people on fire for disagreeing with your riot.

The Guardian:

US lawmakers have nominated Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement for the Nobel peace prize, calling the campaigners a global inspiration in the face of a crackdown by Beijing.

In a letter to the Nobel committee released on Wednesday, nine lawmakers across party lines cited the estimate that more than two million people took to the streets on 16 June 2019.

Given Hong Kong has a population of 7.5 million, it amounts to “one of the largest mass protests in history”, said the letter, led by Republican senator Marco Rubio and Democratic representative Jim McGovern, co-chairs of the congressional-executive commission on China which assesses human rights.

“This prize would honour their bravery and determination that have inspired the world,” they wrote. “We hope that the Nobel committee will continue to shine a light on those struggling for peace and human rights in China and we believe the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is deserving of recognition this year.”

The lawmakers said they expected more Hong Kong democracy activists to be convicted in the coming months “for the sole reason of peacefully expressing their political views”.

Beijing last year imposed a National Security Law that it has used to clamp down on dissent after the unrest in the financial hub.

The “crackdown by Beijing” came a year AFTER the beginning of the riots. Furthermore, associating the original protests with the ongoing riots is false. The original protests were as regards the fear that Hong Kong citizens could be extradited to the mainland based on accusations that they broke mainland laws while in Hong Kong. This wasn’t really ever a threat, and the law they were protesting was clearly about people who go to the mainland, commit a crime, then flee to Hong Kong. The law was introduced after a Hong Kongese person killed his girlfriend in Taiwan, then fled to Hong Kong, and it was impossible to deport him.

The initial mob was stirred up by Hong Kong media owned by Jimmy Lai. Lai is a questionable figure, and his top aide, called his “right hand man,” is a Jewish former CIA agent, which is, you know – a little bit suspect. Lai, who was the biggest news media owner in the city, also traveled to the US to be congratulated by neocons for helping start these riots.

However, even though the law was not about what they thought it was about, after the initial protests, the law was withdrawn. A small group of “anarcho-communists,” what we would call “Antifa,” continued to riot, without a clear explanation. Then, after a year of that, Hong Kong passed a law against mass public assembly, which the Western media has gleefully labeled “a crackdown by Beijing.”

The bi-partisan group is nominating the rioters, which were continually supported by the Western media and the US State Department.

So violent Hong Kong Antifa rioters will face off against violent Black Lives Matter rioters for the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

This really is upside down world.

Regardless, I would bet money that BLM is going to come out with the prize – unless they split it, and saying they’re giving the prize to “violent rioters backed by US intelligence all over the world.” Then it would also include rioters in Belarus, Thailand, etc.