US Experts Say Mass Surveillance, Vaccines and Social Distancing are Key to Ending Lockdowns

Your Government mommy is going to vaccinate you soon enough.

“Experts” are now saying that:

  • The lockdown can only really end with a vaccine
  • Mass surveillance is needed to contain the virus
  • Social distancing and other restrictions must remain

This is now a blatant move to drastically reshape society using fear of the flu as a tool and “saving lives” as an excuse.

Daily Mail:

When will it end?

For everyone under lockdown orders in the coronavirus pandemic, that is the key question. How long until American life can return to normal, without risking the disease reigniting out of control and overwhelming hospitals?

Examining the question are three new reports, from the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for American Progress, and Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics.

While they differ in their conclusions, all are three are bleak. Life in the U.S. will not fully return to normal until a vaccine is distributed widely, and drastic interventions will be needed until then once restrictions are relaxed, all three conclude.

All three reports call for a period of national lockdown, which could only be lifted after certain conditions are met. For AEI, restrictions would ease state-by-state after a state recorded 14 days of falling daily new case numbers.

For CAP, the national lockdown would continue for 45 days, while for Harvard, the most draconian, it would last three months.

The three plans differ in several of their proposals:

AEI plan: 14 day lockdown, capacity for 750,000 tests per week
CAP plan: 45-day lockdown, digital surveillance system for contact tracing
Harvard plan: Three-month lockdown, millions of daily tests, digital surveillance

The country’s ability to expand testing to the levels proposed by Harvard is unclear — as is the American public’s willingness to accept a massive system of digital surveillance tracking their every move.

Severe as they may seem, however, ongoing measures such as these may be the only alternative to round after round of recurring lockdowns, if the outbreak reignites before a vaccine is available.

Once restrictions ease, with schools and some non-essential businesses reopening, all three reports say that massive testing would be needed, ranging from 750,000 tests per week for the AEI report, to an astonishing 100 million daily tests in a Harvard whitepaper.

The CAP report also proposes a stunning nationwide system of digital surveillance using cell phone location data to track everyone’s potential exposure to known cases.

Such a system, deployed with success in authoritarian China, would be certain to raise difficult questions about privacy and individual liberty.

While they differ in their details, the common points in the three reports are striking.

Until there is a vaccine, gatherings of more than 50 people should be banned, and remote working should be continued where possible even after lockdowns end, they all agree.

With a safe and effective vaccine more than a year away under the best case scenario, it seems clear that American life won’t fully return to normal any time soon.

For people who tested positive, and their recent contacts, who did not need hospitalization, AEI proposes that ‘Home isolation can be enforced using technology such as GPS tracking on cell phone apps.’


CAP proposes that use of the contact tracing app be required for anyone who wants to travel by airline.

Any return to a semblance of normality will require several restrictions and protections to minimize the risk of transmission from daily operations.

Once herd immunity has been achieved through mass vaccination, all remaining restrictions can be lifted,’ the report states.

While both the AEI and CAP reports say that massive, widespread testing is needed in order to lift lockdown restrictions, a Harvard whitepaper argues that they don’t go nearly far enough in their projections.

The Harvard paper argues that the AEI and CAP estimates are low ‘by one to three orders of magnitude.’

‘Even under the most optimistic scenarios, we need to be testing millions of people per day to allow a significant return to the workforce,’ the authors write.

‘Tens of millions per day seems more likely and more than 100 million may be necessary in the worst case,’ they continue.

Under that worst-case projection, nearly a third of the U.S. population would be tested for coronavirus daily — a logistical challenge that seems virtually impossible to surmount.

In a separate paper from Harvard’s Safran Center for Ethics, it is argued that national lockdowns will need to persist for at least three months, until the end of June, to have any hope of containing the virus.

The Harvard plan argues that in order to reduce the risk of repeat lockdowns in the fall, a 90-day lockdown should be spent building a massive digital surveillance system for contact tracing and capacity for millions of tests a day, studying immunity in previously infected patients, and isolating vulnerable populations.

The paper proposes that anyone who proves immunity due to surviving the virus would be allowed out of quarantine, on the condition that they volunteer to join a Medical Reserve Corps to fight the pandemic.

The fact that mass surveillance, vaccinations in order to be allowed to live normally, and forced isolation are being pushed by these so-called think tanks says a lot about the direction in which those in power wish to move society.

One may even be so bold as to assert that it is proof that there is an agenda behind this that’s definitely not “saving lives.”

Independently of whether they use this specific instance of flu hysteria as the means to demand that everyone should wear a mark in order to work and do financial stuff or not, the mass panic formula has proven to be an effective mechanism to radically change the structure of daily life.

You are living in a nightmare and there is no waking up.

This is your reality now.