US Embassy in Seoul Reminds Slant-Eyed Skin-Racists That Black Lives Matter

A white woman and her husband travel to Korea to confront the legacy of racism. Sharron is explaining to the silly gook how ignorant he is to not bow down before the blacks. All his life, he believed that his life mattered, because this is what the wise sage on the village mountain told him in a dream. Now he realizes that his life is worthless garbage and the only lives that matter are black lives. “All my pedophile cartoons mean nothing in comparison to the true glory of the blacks,” he realizes as the white woman is screaming at him that he is just jealous of blacks because he has a tiny penis.

It’s not easy to see through the tiny slanted eyes of a Mongoloid. In fact, they can only see black and white. That’s why Japanese comic books don’t have color. Why would they bother? They can’t see it anyway.

The nips, or as I like to call them, the gooks, are some of the most hate-filled people on earth, second only to whites themselves. Because if there’s one other color a small-eyed yellow man can see, it’s red: the red of angry hatred, which he directs towards the black.

He must be reminded.

He must be made to know the ultimate truth of our universe:




Simple as.

The US Ambassador to South Korea himself – the big man – retweeted the message.

He reminded the nips in language so clear that even with tiny little optical censors they could read it.

No one else is going to remind these pedomorphic rice weasels that America stands for putting black people first, above all others, because they are a master race, which was chosen by Yahweh to –

I mean, that was chosen by Allah so that –

No, no.

What I mean is, if we compare a black man to a cave beast or a dog-eater, we’re going to find that the black has better morality and is more intelligent, creative, and implicitly driven to go big and make the world a better place.

They have skulls built for both speed and performance.

You see, when nature was building the African man, there was a consideration: do we want speed? Or do we want performance?

And then nature said to itself: why not both?

The problem is that everyone on earth hates the color of black skin, because of some kind of weird color preference that everyone is born with that no one has yet been able to determine the origin of.

So what we have to do is go around the world and put up massive signs reminding everyone of what they feel when they see the color of blackness – the hatred for the total absorption of visible light.

We must remind them that the African is the master race, and that all must bow before him – forever.

Thankfully, a few of these slit-eyed yellow slam puppies are getting the damn message – finally.

Finally, it’s 2020 and we finally have a black lives matter movement in South Korea.