US Deporting 94-Year-Old Nazi to Face Prosecution in Germany

Originally, after World War Two, even in the midst of a bunch of bizarre “war crimes” prosecutions, it was accepted that rank and file soldiers were not responsible for the supposed “war crimes” of the Nazis.

Over the last 10 and especially the last 5 years that has changed, as Jews have dragged out a bunch of rando soldiers in their 90s and sentenced them to die in prison for the crime of having been conscripted into the German army in the 1930s.

The US Government has been happy to participate in this bizarre program.

NZ Herald:

A 94-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard who lived undiscovered in the US for decades is to be deported to Germany, where he could face prosecution, after his appeal against a deportation order was rejected this week.

Friedrich Karl Berger succeeded in covering up his role as a concentration camp guard for more than 70 years and still receives a pension for his wartime service in the German navy.

His past finally caught up with him when an SS index card of his service record was found among documents rescued from a German ship sunk by the RAF in 1945.

The card revealed he had served as a guard at one of the Neuengamme network of concentration camps in northern Germany, where more than 40,000 prisoners including Jews, Poles and Russian POWs were worked to death as slave labourers.

“After 75 years, this is ridiculous. I cannot believe it,” Berger told The Washington Post when the original deportation order was handed down in February. “You’re forcing me out of my home.”

At his deportation hearing he admitted serving as a guard at the camp but maintained he had no choice, was only there a short time and did not carry a weapon.

“I was 19 years old. I was ordered to go there,” he told his deportation hearing in the US.

But the hearing was told that he had helped force camp inmates on a brutal two-week march in 1945 during which at least 70 died.

People should understand: if 75 years from now, Jews are still in charge of the world, they will be dragging out people who worked for ICE under Donald Trump and sentencing them to die in prison.

While Jews demand that no one ever judge them for any of their crimes, and accuse people of “anti-Semitism” for even mentioning their crimes, they themselves refuse to forgive anyone. They will hold grudges against people for thousands of years.

Obviously, you can’t prove anything about something that happened over 7 decades ago, even if it’s true.

The Jews shouldn’t be allowed to treat random old people this way. And Germany itself should be charged with crimes against humanity for going along with this ritualistic abuse of old people.

Frankly, America deserves to be charged for participating in it as well. A legal system that allows for random people to be charged with genocide without evidence 75 years after the alleged thing happened is not a system that anyone could ever have faith in.