US Deploying Bomber Jets to Counter Secret Iranian Plan to Do Some Secret Thing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2019


This is unfortunate.

We appear to be seeing all of the signs of a lead-up to an invasion of Iran.


The Pentagon will reportedly station four B-52 heavy bombers in the Middle East in response to what the White House called a “credible” Iranian attack plan on Americans or US allies in the region.

Two of the warplanes will leave the Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana for Qatar on Tuesday, where the other two will join them some time in the coming weeks, unnamed Pentagon sources told CBS. They will be stationed at the US Central Command’s headquarters at the al-Udeid Air Base near Doha.

The move comes after the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group set sail for the Persian Gulf on Monday. White House National Security Advisor John Bolton announced both deployments over the weekend, claiming they are a response to “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” related to an Iranian attack.

Washington wants “to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force,” Bolton said.

Though Bolton gave virtually no details about the threat, reports suggest the intelligence came from the Israeli Mossad. They, too, left the matter vague.

We wrote about that earlier today.

A Pentagon official told the New York Times on Sunday that he was unaware of any attack plan, and that the threat may have emerged in the “previous 24 to 48 hours,” but the Israeli intelligence was passed to Washington weeks ago.

While such deployment decisions are often made well in advance, hawks in the Donald Trump administration are capitalizing on the so-called “attack plan,” portraying the deployment as a rapid, spontaneous response to a foreign threat.

As Iran’s foreign minister pointed out, the Navy deployments happened last month.

The claim appears to be that Iran is planning to attack US forces in Iraq.

I cringe at saying anything that might be construed as defending Golard Dungerand at this point, but there is a comparison to be made between this situation and the current state of the Mueller investigation epilogue.

It is admitted that Dungerand isn’t a Russian agent, but they’re attempting to say that he did something illegal when trying to stop people from looking into the theory that he’s a Russian agent. This “obstruction” claim. Now it’s gone into this whole bizarre thing with AG Barr, where he’s a Russian agent too now or something. I’ve only been vaguely following it.

But the basic thing is that they staged this hoax attack, caused all of this chaos, and now they’re attempting to claim that even though the initial thing was a hoax, crimes were committed in response to the hoax (and then I guess in the response to the response to the hoax – whatever this thing with Barr is).

We now know – and have known for a long time – that the invasion of Iraq was a hoax. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Jewish New York Times reporters made this up to get the US to invade and destroy an enemy of Israel.

But we still have troops in the region because of this hoax. So Bolton is attempting to use the troops we have in Iraq to start another war in the region.

Do you see the parallels? 

It currently looks as though they are going to stage some kind of false flag attack on forces in Iraq, blame Iran and start bombing them. Or maybe they’re just trying to provoke Iran into doing something. I don’t know.

What I do know is that Iran is not planning to attack US troops in Iraq. That is retarded.

But I guess the media thinks that they can get people to believe it?

Who knows.

These things usually take a while, but man – New Trump will do literally anything the Jews tell him to do. And if Jews think he’s going to lose in 2020, they might have just told him to go ahead and invade Iran.

Jared could have said “look Donald, the people are going to love you for this, you’re going to bring freedom to a nation oppressed by socialism. Or Islam or whatever. You’re sure to win big in 2020 if you start a war with Iran.”

I thought they were going to do Venezuela first and then do Iran. But maybe they’ll do them both at once. Or maybe they think Venezuela is going to go quick, so they’re just prepping for Iran, getting the idea of the Iranian threat to America out there in people’s minds.

The thing is: they still hate Donald Trump. And they will always hate him. So they absolutely get off on the idea of just completely burning him. And the entire Republican Party will burn with him. And they don’t care. So it isn’t impossible that the Jews will just tell Donald Trump to start attacking multiple countries all at once and figure out the details later.

Furthermore, they might not even need to tell him. Kushner might be able to simply tell Bolton and Pompeo to make the move while Trump is on Twitter doing things like posting slow motion images of himself walking around with Tiger Woods.

What I can say as a matter of fact is that I don’t blame anyone for thinking this is the Biblical End Times.

We could flip a coin on that one.

Things do just keep getting weirder.