US Cutting Aid Money to Central American Shitholes Will Result in More Caravans, Experts Say

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

If you stop sending brown Creatures of Legume your money, they’ll just go get it from you in your own country, according to experts.

Browns are holding America hostage.

Yes, browns are already invading America, but if Americans stop sending money to browns’ shitholes, then more browns will come. There’s just no way around giving money to brown people. You have to do it in your own country when they come, and you have to send it to their countries too so they don’t decide to invade you even though they’re already invading you.

But you don’t want them to invade you more, do you?

Fox News:

Government officials, aid workers and activists in Central America are mystified by U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to cut off nearly $500 million in aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in response to what he calls an immigration crisis. Over time, they say, it will only worsen the problem.

At risk of falling on the chopping block are development programs that work to tackle the root causes driving migration: poverty, inequality, violence and corruption. These include outreach to at-risk youth to combat forced gang recruitment as well as programs to address gender-based violence and support education, workforce development and the uphill fight to root out endemic graft.

It’s illogical and it’s irresponsible. … You’re talking about long-term challenges that are going to require long-term, sustainable solutions,” said Adriana Beltrán, a Central America specialist at the Washington Office on Latin America. “So rather than helping to stabilize the situation and try to address these long-term challenges, the cut in assistance will only make the situation worse.”

Gutting important programs,” she added, “will eventually lead to more migration, more insecurity, more corruption, more impunity in these countries.”

Not sending browns your money is “illogical and irresponsible.”

Keep in mind these are “experts.”

Rick Jones, who works in El Salvador as the youth and migration policy adviser for Catholic Relief Services, counsels young people to keep them out of gangs and help them get jobs. He also runs behavioral therapy for inmates to deter them from returning to crime — all things that have “a positive impact to help guys think about and change their behavior,” he said.

It’s seen as unglamorous but badly needed work, especially in a place like El Salvador, which has a homicide rate that is among the world’s highest at more than 50 per 100,000 people last year.

But all $38 million that Catholic Relief Services gets from U.S. government agencies to run programs in the three countries — including ones on education and jobs — could disappear if the cutoff goes through.

If that happens, “it will be sending the message, ‘Help is not on the way … and you’re going to be left on your own,'” Jones said. “And basically people left on their own are going to be more desperate and more people are going to leave.”

Likewise, Vicki Gass, Oxfam America senior policy adviser for Central America and Mexico, said that axing funding for programs that have been running for years, would, in many cases, “waste U.S. taxpayer dollars that have already been invested” and “foster the same instability that is making people flee in the first place.”

Some government programs aimed at persuading Central Americans not to emigrate have been put in place, in part in response to Trump’s earlier criticism about the migrant caravans that brought thousands trekking toward the U.S. border, and the threatened aid cutoff does not take that into account, officials say.

“This goes against what we have seen in reports that show there have really been some decreases in migration, and that they are the result of the efforts being made on this issue,” said lawmaker Yanci Urbina of the left-leaning FMLN party in El Salvador, the least populated of the three countries and a distant third in terms of how many migrants are heading for the U.S.

Salvadoran Treasury Minister Nelson Fuentes said U.S. aid in his country includes $20 million in technical and fiscal funding over five years, and the government has not gotten word of any cuts. Another $200 million to spur growth and employment is managed in tandem with the World Bank, and it remains to be seen whether this will be reduced. Finally there are direct donations from Washington to the Salvadoran government and private organizations.

Fuentes said aid for security and migration could be affected, but that actively funded contracts should not be.

In Guatemala, the most significant aid comes in security assistance to fight drug trafficking — and that has already come under scrutiny recently over questionable use of armored vehicles donated by Washington. Other funds through USAID go to help programs on things like agriculture and education in poor rural communities, plus training for prosecutors, who have waged a high-profile fight against corruption in recent years, or for judges.

Honduran political analyst Omar García called U.S. aid to his country “vital” and said the threatened cuts show that Washington is “an unreliable ally for Honduras.”

See? You didn’t take into account that the money you were giving them was used in anti-migration programs, so now they’ll be coming in even higher numbers to your country.

The following pictures were taken in the future and showcase the effects of cutting out monetary “aid” to these shithole countries:

Wait. No. That already happened.

But uh… don’t stop sending money to their countries, because the invasion would only get worse.

Consider some of the alternatives:

  • Not giving money to Creatures of Legume
  • Not sending money to dead-end countries
  • Not feeding your enemies
  • Not paying for invaders to invade you
  • Closing the border
  • Building a huge border wall

Those alternatives are just not realistic. It’s not realistic to have a border wall so you’re not forced to pay ransom in some weird diverse-skinned extortion scheme.

It’s not realistic not to give your stuff, money and land to brown creatures because if you don’t do that they cry.

It’s not realistic not to get flooded by these noble migrants because if your country doesn’t get browned then your economy will not survive.

Give your money to the browns already in your country and also give your money to the browns in their own countries.

This isn’t a shakedown so much as it’s a… enriching your culture with vibrant diversity.

Or whatever.