US Cuts Power to Venezuelan Embassy in DC as Guaido Shills Demand Entry

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2019

An embassy is considered foreign soil of the nation that owns it, which is why Julian Assange was able to remain in the Ecuadorian embassy in Britain until Ecuador evicted him, and why Saudi Arabia was allowed to murder and chop up a journalist in their embassy in Turkey.

So the US laying siege to the Venezuelan embassy in DC is actually the beginning of a war.


The Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC was plunged into darkness after the US authorities shut down power in the building. The anti-coup activists hunkered down inside say they are not leaving despite the blackout.

After weeks of tense standoff between the ‘Embassy Civilian Protection Collective’ and supporters of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido outside the Venezuelan diplomatic compound, the US authorities attempted to drive the temporary occupants out by depriving them of electricity.

In a statement on Twitter posted by one of the group’s members, independent journalist Alex Rubinstein, an activist says that the loss of electric power won’t coerce them into abandoning their mission – that is to protect the embassy from a takeover by Juan Guaido appointees.

“We expected this, we’ve prepared for it and we are not living,” the activist is seen saying in total darkness, with only his face lit by a candle.

He compared the shutdown to the alleged US attacks on Venezuela’s infrastructure.

“It’s ironic that the US government attacked Venezuela’s electric grid and now they are attacking the embassy of Venezuela’s electricity,” he said. Caracas previously blamed the US for inciting sabotage and waging an “electricity war”against Venezuela after it suffered several country-wide power outages in a row due to some of its key infrastructure being crippled.

The activists in the embassy are staying put despite the cut-off.

“We are not leaving. We are gonna resist. We are going to stay in solidarity with Venezuelan people and elected government of Venezuela,” the activist in the video says.

The blackout was reportedly ordered by Guaido’s ‘ambassador’ to Venezuela, Carlos Vecchio, who announced the move to loud applause and cheers from the crowd outside the building.

“We have decided to give them a bit of the experience of living in Venezuela under the failed socialism of Maduro. As of this moment they will not have electric power. Next step: your exit,” Vecchio tweeted.

Yeah, too clever.

Thus far, there has been no actual attempt to storm the embassy, but that will surely come.

It is now looking like Bolton and Pompeo are planning on doing a total gang-rape of America, screwing us with wars in both Venezuela, Iran and probably other places.

Are these men part of the Pizza Party Squad? Why are they so obsessed with destroying America for the Jews?

No wonder so many people are concerned that this could be the Biblical End Times.