US Border: Looks Like Lethal Force is Back on the Menu, Boys!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

Lol, can we all admit now that something funky is going on in the White House? There’s like a tug of war or something going on there between Trump’s populist agenda and the Deep State saboteurs.

Take this story as an example: one day the army is going home, the next day, they’re locked and loaded.

It’s always one or two steps forward and then one or two steps back, to the side or into Syria.

Very fretful stuff, folks.

Anyways, let’s enjoy the good news before someone else in the White House yanks the controls away from Trump again.


The White House has reportedly issued a memo authorizing troops stationed at the Mexican border to engage in law enforcement duties and use lethal force against illegal immigrants if necessary.

At present, just under 6,000 active-duty troops are stationed at key locations along the US’ 200-mile border with Mexico. The troops were deployed to the border by President Trump as multiple ‘caravans’ of Central American migrants made their way toward the US border via Mexico.

Rather than meeting the migrants with weapons drawn, the troops had been tasked with bolstering the presence of the Customs and Border Protection and National Guard personnel already at the border. Their duties include constructing barriers, and providing reconnaissance and logistics support to the CBP agents.

Now, Military Times reports that the White House signed a memo late Tuesday authorizing the troops to “perform those military protective activities that the Secretary of Defense determines are reasonably necessary” to protect border agents. These activities include: “a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention, and cursory search.”

In case you’ve forgotten, an army of feral Aztecs is marching on the southern border and everyone is placing bets on whether anyone in America has the balls to call the migrants’ bluff.

It is the literal plot of The Camp of the Saints.

You’ve read the book right?

Here, a quote to convince you to read it if you haven’t yet:

Day by day, month by month, doubt by doubt, law and order became fascism; education, constraint; work, alienation; revolution, mere sport; leisure, a privilege of class; marijuana, a harmless weed; family, a stifling hothouse; affluence, oppression; success, a social disease; sex, an innocent pastime; youth, a permanent tribunal; maturity, the new senility; discipline, an attack on personality; Christianity… and the West… and white skin…

Basically, this caravan is a scouting party.

If it isn’t stopped, millions more will come.

So who is in control in the White House?

The “cabinet order” was not signed by President Trump, but by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. In the runup to this month’s midterm elections, Trump had suggested that rock-throwing migrants at the border might be shot, but later walked back on that statement, saying rock-throwing miscreants would be arrested instead.

So Kelly is on Trump’s side now…?

Perhaps he read all those news articles about how he was going to get fired for being a shill and changed course…?

The authorization was necessary, Kelly reportedly wrote, because “credible evidence and intelligence” have indicated that the thousands-strong horde of migrants “may prompt incidents of violence and disorder” at the border. 

A quick physiognomy scan:

He looks tough and clever. But also sneaky… I wouldn’t trust him, personally.

But hey, his Wikipedia page has no reference to him slobbering all over tranny dick, so at the very least, Kelly’s a step up from Pit Bull over at the Pentagon.

The military’s rules of engagement allow for units to defend themselves or US citizens against hostile forces or forces that have shown “hostile intent,” potentially providing a path around the limitations of Posse Comitatus, when it comes to lethal force. However, detention and cursory search seem to run afoul of the act’s ban on law enforcement duties.

As such, the order could trigger a lengthy court battle for the Trump administration. 

Great. Another legal battle inbound with some Jew-run court.

Time is ticking with this caravan thing. Trump’s on the clock here.

He needs to go full Andrew Jackson on this shit at this point. Tell the judges that they can make as many treacherous rulings as they want, but that he won’t enforce them.

It has been done.

This thing is coming down to the wire.

My prediction: the migrants are grudgingly let in because of some bullshit order, but with the stipulation that they have to go through “extreme vetting” or something like that on the border. The story drops out of the news cycle until the next caravan – this time 3x bigger comes along.

I hope I’m wrong and Trump’s actually the captain of this ship.

Otherwise, we’re all gonna get inundated and forced to fight in a massive race war.


A race war is fine too.