US Border Gang-Raped by 116 Africans From Angola, Cameroon and the Congo

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2019

Even niggers from Africa are raping the American border now.

The American Mirror:

A group of illegals from Angola, Cameroon and Congo waded across the Rio Grande River and into the United States, video from Customs and Border Protection shows.

The video shows male and female adults walking through the water and into Texas, several with children on their shoulders.

The attempted invasion occurred on Thursday, according to the agency.

The river — or “natural barrier” — was so shallow, the surface didn’t reach the adults’ waists.

The White House tweeted additional video:

According to CBP, it’s the first large group from Africa to try to breach the U.S. border via Mexico.

It’s the first of many more groups that are yet to come.

Here are the current mechanics of the invasion:

  • There is no physical barrier preventing people from entering the United States
  • Anyone can come in and claim asylum
  • Most invaders turn themselves in to border patrol
  • When someone claims asylum, a court date is set to review their case and to reject or approve the claim
  • After receiving their court date, the invaders are released into a city and given a work permit
  • They can legally stay in America until their court hearings
  • If they don’t show up to their asylum hearing, they’re fugitives
  • 9 in 10 don’t show up, but there’s no way to track them down
  • They’re effectively inside America for good

As you can see, this isn’t an “attempted invasion.” Apprehending the invaders is not stopping the invasion.

Smugglers in Central America are well aware of this dynamic, which is why they advertise their services through radio ads.

This is a big business and it’s only a matter of time before it gets even bigger.

It’s not just a Central American thing.

There is nothing stopping anyone from any other part of the world from taking advantage of the same asylum mechanics.

Others around the world are starting to realize that they really do have a pretty good chance of becoming Newmericanos after witnessing America’s continual failure to stop invaders.

Africans are now joining the fight.

How long until India joins?

How long until the Middle East joins?

How long until every shithole in the world joins some caravan and heads towards America?

At least Minas Tirith had a wall.

There is literally nothing stopping countries from moving their entire populations into America.

There is no cap on asylum claims. Everyone is getting in.

If we want to have a country, we have to eliminate the whole asylum thing and build a huge wall.

If we don’t, we’ll soon meet all of the armies of Mordor.