US Ambassador to the UN Goes to Syria and Does Photo-Op with White Helmets Terror Group

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

It is a documented fact that the White Helmets are a terrorist group. No one who knows anything about what is going on in Syria denies that.

But the Jewnited Snakes of Kikemerica just keeps on supporting them and when people call them out about it they’re just like “lol shut up, you’re a Russian hacker.”


Colorful images of Ambassador Kelly Craft enthusiastically shaking hands with ‘White Helmets’ members made rounds online, with users reminding the diplomat of their connections to a jihadi group the US once fought against.

Craft, who serves as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, showed up at the Turkey-Syrian border, posing with members of the self-described “civil defense group.” She didn’t come empty-handed, though, promising a hefty $108-million “humanitarian support package” intended for the people of northern Syria.

“Grateful to shake the hands of the brave men and women of the #whitehelmets,” Kelly tweeted, hailing them as “ordinary people doing extraordinary things to save the lives of Syrian victims of Assad’s brutality.”

What she failed to mention, however, was that the White Helmets’ reputation is far from untainted. The group, once lauded as fearless first responders in the Western media, have been accused of siding with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups inside Syria. Photographs and videos documented their members posing with jihadists.

Aside from that, they were repeatedly implicated in setting up chemical attacks, at times used as justification by Western nations to carry out strikes against the Syrian army. Some concerned netizens didn’t miss an opportunity to lash out at the Ambassador.

“Good job, ambassador. You met the “medical” staff of Al-Qaeda,” one user noted.

Others envisioned it as a sign of the US endorsing jihadist groups. The latter claim has some roots in reality since Washington suggested that Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham — Al-Qaeda’s franchise operating on Syria’s Idlib — isn’t that terrorist anymore.

The US Government’s policy of supporting all of these different terrorist groups is really in bad taste, and I think it’s reasonable that people keep asking them to stop doing that.

It’s a pretty alpha move though that the US will just laugh in the faces of people who say they shouldn’t support terrorist groups.

Then they will put out advertisements that terrorists are good people and use their total control over the global media to spread the message to people who are too uninformed to know the difference.

And if someone is smart enough to know the difference, they will just accuse them of being a Russian hacker trying to destroy democracy.

Imagine if John Wayne rode into your village and started running over children with his horse, and then when you were like “no John what are you doing, that’s my son you smashed up with your horse, stop doing that,” John Wayne was like “you’re a Nazi and that’s an anti-Semitic canard, you Russian hacker. I’m calling the company and getting your website shut down, pilgrim.”

You would be like “wow, it’s too bad my son is dead from getting smashed up with a horse, but that was a seriously alpha move and John Wayne is chad as f.”

That’s the way I feel about the US Government.

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