US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Resigns and Tells Trump That Putin is a Very Bad Man

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

Jon Huntsman is the anti-Russian kook who has been representing America as the ambassador to Russia. It’s good that this fool has resigned as he wasn’t doing anybody any favors in this position.

Jon Huntsman, the US ambassador to Russia, has resigned. He wrote a goofy resignation letter telling Donald Trump that Vladimir Putin is a very bad man and that trusting Russia would be a big mistake.

The Sun:

It comes after reports that Trump and Putin discussed the need for a new US ambassador in Russia while speaking on the phone last week.

In his resignation letter, Huntsman urged Trump to stand up to the Russian President and work to stabilise “years of acrimony”.

“Going forward, we must continue to hold Russia accountable when its behaviour threatens us and our allies,” Huntsman told Trump.

He acknowledged there are “irreconcilable” differences between the two countries, but said there are also common interests.

Huntsman reminded Trump that Russia has a history of disrespecting human rights and violating the sovereignty of its neighbours.

“While times are tough, it is critical that we increase exchanges of people and maintain channels for dialogue on issues of national interest,” he wrote.

These include combatting terrorism and ensuring “verifiable arms control”.

He warned Trump against the kind of “reset” with Russia that humiliated the Obama administration.

“No reset or restart is going to help…Failure is not an option.”

Huntsman’s commentary about Russia disrespecting human rights and violating the sovereignty of other countries is comical. The most significant foreign interventions Russia has recently involved itself in have been a direct reaction to aggressive American interventions around the world.

Russia only took control of Crimea after the United States financed a coup to overthrow the democratically elected and pro-Russian leader of Ukraine. And this after the people of Crimea overwhelmingly voted in a referendum to re-unite with Russia.

Russia only went into Syria per the request of Bashar al-Assad after the United States, Israel and other Arab states funded and supported Islamic terrorists in the country.

If anybody is disrespecting human rights and violating the sovereignty of other countries it is the United States. Just look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, etc.

Putin has shown that he is not an unreasonable man. In fact, he has shown that he is one of the most competent and reasonable leaders on the world stage. The fact that Huntsman would write this bullshit letter on his way out is proof that he wasn’t suited for this job. Good riddance to him.

We should be doing everything we can to have friendly relations with Russia as this is what is in the American people’s best interest. But instead, everybody including our own ambassador keeps looking for excuses to paint Putin and Russia as the ultimate incarnation of evil. It’s utterly absurd to be doing this considering how much the Russian people and the American people have in common with one another.

What’s funny is how we never see anybody in government writing resignation letters like this in reference to Israel. This fact alone leads me to believe that Jews not Russians are the real threat. It almost seems as if these Jews are covertly running the United States government on behalf of their own selfish racial interests. It’d be really great if we had some journalists look into this possibility. I think there might be something to this.