US: 79% of People Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine Say Nothing Can Change Their Minds

It appears that most of the people who aren’t vaccinated by now are never going to willingly accept the coronavirus vaccine.

A poll from The Economist/YouGov shows that of those who are denying the vaxx, a full 79% say that nothing could make them change their minds and get vaxxed.

The exact question was: “Is there anything that could change your mind and convince you to get vaccinated?”

Here’s the full data set.

That 79% is of 18% total who are refusing – 24% of which are non-colleged white men, and (very luckily) 26% of which are non-colleged white women.

This means that at least 20% of whites are hardcore refusers.

It’s good news.

We’re not in this alone.

We will be shunned and banished from society, but we will be brought together with the Christian people who are willing to resist.

We will form a new parallel society of freedom. They can’t send 20% of the white population to concentration camps. It’s not logistically possible. And if they do send us to camps – so be it.