US: 110 Million People Traveling to Spread the Omicron

This is a script.

All of it is predictable.


This year was supposed to be an improvement over last year in terms of holiday travel in the COVID-19 era, but the rapid emergence of the Omicron coronvirus variant is once again making the prospect of hitting the road to visit loved ones a bit unnerving.

The 2021 holiday travel period begins in earnest on Thursday, according to AAA, and nearly 110 million Americans are projected to travel 50 miles or more between now and Jan. 2.

A year ago, millions of people in the United States spiked plans to travel far from home for the holidays because of COVID-19. Last Dec. 23, there were more than 210,000 new cases nationwide and the United States was in the middle of its worst coronavirus spike of the pandemic.

A year later, that figure is even higher. According to scientists at Johns Hopkins University, there were almost 240,000 new cases nationwide on Wednesday — with new infections fueled overwhelmingly by the Omicron strain.

They’re telling you you can travel, then they’re going to tell you that because you traveled, you spread the deadly Omicron everywhere, and now it’s time to be punished.

This is obvious.

Everyone with eyes can see what is happening.

Who has ears, let him hear.

Who has eyes, let him see.

Turn your eyes to the Lord of the Skies.

You can’t see the way if you’re blind.