Uruguay: Holocaust Memorial Given Spray Paint Fact Check

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2017

The itty bitty nation of Uruguay has gotten away with being a white country in Latin America for long enough. It is overall a pretty nice place to live and raise a family (though the black population is around 15% and as dangerous as anywhere else), which Jews have noticed in the last decade or so: “Oy vey, how did I destroy Argentina yet let Uruguay slip away!”

It has a large Jewish population (per capita) and its people are pretty humble and welcoming, so they’re sitting ducks. Recently they made international headlines by having the first tranny senator, legalizing marijuana and being one of the only countries in Latin America to take in Middle East refugees. But one thing little Uruguay is not known for is its very thorough fact checkers!

Los Goyim saben! 


A Uruguayan Holocaust memorial rededicated last year was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti minimizing the Holocaust.

“They have vandalized us again. What’s going on?” Montevideo Mayor Carlos Varela tweeted along with photos of the vandalized memorial. “We call for sanity, tolerance and peace,” he added.

Unveiled in 1994, the site in the country’s capital Montevideo has been hit several times in recent years by anti-Semitic vandalism, but this time has been the most severe with the graffiti taking up a larger area of the memorial, reported El Pais newspaper.

Vandals used black paint to write slurs including “The Holocaust of the Jewish people is the biggest lie in history,” “Only 300,000 Jews died from typhus” and “Gas chambers were a fraud.”

In 2016, the Israelite Central Committee, the country’s umbrella Jewish organization, funded the latest restoration, which included lights and staircases.

“We repudiate the anti-Semitic graffiti with concepts that deny the Holocaust of the Jewish people. The monument is a memory exercise to never forget the criminal regime that pursued and systematically murdered six million Jews for the only fact of their existence,” read a statement released by the committee.

“Today our pain is large and we are ashamed before the survivors of the massacre that are still among us, their children, grandchildren and all the Jewish people. Our country, which is democratic and pluralistic, the melting pot of cultures, does not deserve such atrocities,” the statement also said.

This actually looks like it might be legit. Unlike 99% of spraypainted “hate crimes,” this one actually has a point: to fact check the myth of the 6,000,000!

The culprits must know that the Holocaust lie is the spearhead with which Jews crank open your country. The sole purpose of this libel is to pathologize natural nationalist sentiments that may be arising as the Jews begin flooding Uruguay with invaders.

Notice something familiar here: the Israelite Central Committee deploying the same “melting pot” canard in Uruguay as they do in America. Uruguay’s population is largely Italian, Iberian and German, with a black minority.If these Jews consider themselves loyal citizens of Uruguay, why isn’t their organization named “Uruguayan Central Committee”?

Tribalism for Jews, melting pot for you!