Uprising in Lebanon Following Very Suspicious Gigantic Explosion

The Daily Stormer has gone on the record saying that the most likely cause of the explosion in Beirut is that there was a cache of volatile chemical materials at the docks, but that the Jews went in and triggered it to explode.

That theory certainly fits in with the fact that we now have serious domestic unrest in Lebanon, something which is very good for Israel.

ABC Australia:

Security forces have fired tear gas and rubber bullets during clashes with stone-throwing demonstrators in Lebanon’s capital, amid mounting fury over the massive explosion that killed nearly 160 people.

More than 10,000 people gathered in Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square for demonstrations against the political elite, which quickly turned violent.

According to the Lebanese Red Cross, 110 people have been wounded and dozens taken to hospital during demonstrations.

Early on, riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators trying to break through a barrier to get to the parliament building.

Live coverage on local television stations showed several people bloodied.

As clashes began to worsen, a Lebanese policeman was reportedly killed.

Dozens of protesters broke into the foreign ministry, where they burned a framed portrait of President Michel Aoun, representative for many of a political class that has ruled Lebanon for decades and which they said was to blame for its deep political and economic crises.

Activists who called for the protest set up symbolic nooses to hang politicians whose corruption and negligence they blame for the explosion, which was fuelled by thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate that had been improperly stored at the city’s port for more than six years.

Apparently set off by a fire, it was by far the biggest blast in Lebanon’s troubled history and caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage, according to Beirut’s Governor.

“Resignation or hang,” read a banner held by protesters, who also planned to hold a symbolic funeral for the dead.

Khodr Ghadir, 23, said the noose was for everyone who has been in power for the past 30 years.

I’m sure the government is corrupt and blah blah blah – but what government isn’t?

The other thing is: this government has been drained completely by trying to fight Israel for decades on end. Obviously, that is going to cause problems for social services and so on.

Again – any chaos in any neighboring country is good for Israel, and it is very hard to believe this is a coincidence.

Remember that immediately after the blast, Donald Trump said it was definitely an attack.

We don’t really have any other information. So, the options are that the Jews triggered this, or it is just a coincidence that something which is very beneficial to the Jews happened to happen.

The situation, currently, is a complete mess, and likely will result in some kind of regime change from the looks of it.

Protesters are allegedly chanting against Iran… to quote Joe Biden: “I mean, come on, MAN!”

The Jews are all over social media celebrating this uprising in Lebanon.

Some people are catching crisis actors in the crowds.

Macron doesn’t seem to be especially popular.

But what I want to know is about these subterranean chambers…

No, I’m just joking, Q-cucks. The tunnels are all across Lebanon as strategic defense against an Israeli invasion. Here’s an article about Hezbollah’s use of tunnels.

These are definitely NOT satanic pedophile tunnels.

Please stop saying that on the internet.