Updates on Queen Nicki’s Holy Crusade

It’s really crappy to actually believe in something and fight for it and then get totally censored and replaced with people who claim to be fighting for the thing you were fighting for but are actually establishment shills undermining your cause for money.

It’s good if you can make those people who did that to you look stupid. But they already look stupid to anyone with a room temperature IQ, so it doesn’t mean all that much.

But it was kinda special when Vaush joined a chat with Nicki Minaj fans, ostensibly to “listen,” and received an unpleasant welcome.

It’s really nutty that these faggots, Hassan and Vaush, are promoted by the tech companies so hard, and defend Democrat talking points all the way down to forced vaccination, and yet claim to be “revolutionary.” That is how stupid the masses of people are. They will believe anything.

Glenn appeared on Jimmy Dore’s show after the Minaj thing, and also after the Bradley Manning thing (Bradly attacked Glenn for going on the Tucker Carlson show).

It doesn’t really matter that they’re right, because they will just be censored, and the same people who censor them will spam Hasan Piker and Vaush to the people who would look to people like Glenn and Jimmy.

I’m worried that the Democrats have leverage against Nicki.

Her husband is facing ten years for failing to register as a sex offender.

The way the Democrat Party – and therefore the entire US federal government – works at this point, they are able to go to her and say “things probably won’t go that well for your husband in court if you keep saying this stuff about the vax. Conversely, if you say the vax is good, things could go very well for your husband.”

There is nothing stopping them from doing that.

What’s more, the way the justice system currently works, they don’t even have to “make a deal.” The fact that Nicki has been in the media talking about the vaccine just means that as an immediate response, the court system is going to go hard on her husband over some trivial nonsense.

The hearing isn’t until January, so there is a lot of time for Nicki to think about how her vax position might affect her husband’s freedom.

We’re praying for her.

Hope she stays strong.