Unvaccinated Americans Put Entire Country and World at Risk, According to “Science,” Fauci and Biden

On Tuesday, July 6, Biden said unvaccinated people are putting communities at risk.

Now Science itself and Lord Protector of Reality Anthony Fauci have come out to explain why every person on the entire planet, and also every animal that can spread viruses to humans, need to be fully vaccinated against every known variant of every known respiratory virus.


A new data analysis identifies clusters of unvaccinated people, most of them in the southern United States, that are vulnerable to surges in Covid-19 cases and could become breeding grounds for even more deadly Covid-19 variants.

The analysis by researchers at Georgetown University identified 30 clusters of counties with low vaccination rates and significant population sizes. The five most significant of those clusters are sprawled across large swaths of the southeastern United States and a smaller portion in the Midwest.

The five clusters are largely in parts of eight states, starting in the east in Georgia and stretching west to Texas and north to southern Missouri. The clusters also include parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Tennessee, and are made up of mostly smaller counties but also cities such as Montgomery, Alabama; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Amarillo, Texas.

Most of these states are currently seeing increases in Covid-19 cases.

*Increase in positive tests. 

Remember: for the first time ever in history, people with no symptoms are being labeled as “sick” due to the PCR testing regime.

“Parts of the country are just as vulnerable if not more vulnerable than they were in December, 2020,” said Shweta Bansal, an associate professor of biology at Georgetown University. Bansal heads up the US COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking project, which has been gathering data on the US vaccine rollout since it began in December.

Those vulnerable clusters put all of the United States — and to some extent, the world — at risk for going back to 2020, since high-transmission areas can become breeding grounds for Covid-19 variants that could go on to evade Covid-19 vaccines.

These clusters of unvaccinated people are what is standing in the way of us putting this virus down permanently,” said Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a CNN medical analyst and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University.

This is the start of a stronger push of this talking point.

It’s a great strategy to demonize people who refuse to get VAXXED and to blame them for the deaths that the VAXX itself is causing.

Remember in May, when Biden threatened that the unvaccinated “will pay the price”?

They’re going to go harder now and totally dehumanize anyone who refuses the vaccine.

Lord Fauci says that we have to somehow attempt to stop all viruses from ever circulating.

This is being framed as an absolute moral imperative, and that nothing can stand in the way of it – including you and your petty notions of freedom.

The Delta variant, which now comprises more than half the cases in the United States, is the latest in a long string of Covid-19 variants that have spread more easily and in some cases caused more severe illness.

That’s why the clusters are so worrisome. Each time a virus spreads, it has an opportunity to learn how to mutate.

We know that if you give the virus the opportunity to circulate and replicate, you give it the opportunity to generate more variants,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, told CNN.

The explanation is literally “clusters give the virus opportunities to mutate” and it is implied that that is somehow going to result in “deadlier” variants.

But that can’t be how reality works.

If viruses circulating freely meant that new deadly variants could quickly emerge to kill everyone, then the common cold or the flu or any other virus would have already killed everyone six million times over, because we didn’t have vaccines throughout most of human history.

According to these people’s claims, with all of that free time to mutate and create new variants, something like the common cold should have already turned into the deadliest virus ever – as soon as the first urban center emerged in human history.

But that didn’t happen, so how come viruses have always circulated freely without killing everyone, but now somehow viruses circulating freely will put everyone at risk?

There’s also the fact that no one under 65 is at risk of coronavirus according to official UK statistics:

People over 80 are at risk of dying from anything anyways, so how can they even blame this alleged coronavirus (which might not even exist)?

The system admits that some number of thousands of children will die as a result of getting the vaccine. That’s without considering the long term effects.

We’ve already completely crushed the souls of a generation of children.

Imagine the babies being born now – they think that a human face looks like this:

How will that affect their long term psychological development?

We don’t know, but we can safely say it will be very bad.

And all of this is – according to their own data – to protect the very old.

What kind of sick thing is it to sacrifice children for the sake of the elderly?

It’s like cannibalism.

But of course: that conversation hasn’t even been had, because of the mass censorship of any discussion around this agenda.

No one has said: “is it morally righteous to sacrifice the health and psychological wellbeing of children in the name of preserving the elderly?”

Of course, if you were allowed to have that conversation, you wouldn’t need to have that conversation, because you could have a conversation about the real data involved, which proves that there isn’t actually a pandemic, and respiratory infections are the same as they’ve been for decades. If more people are dying, it is because they are being put on ventilators or because of other factors associated with the coronavirus prevention measures. (Remember that people who were infected with some kind of respiratory infection were moved into homes for the elderly early on in this fake “pandemic.”)

Censorship is the only way any of this is possible.