Unstoppable Aussie Senator REFUSES to Cuck, Doubles Down Instead!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2019

We are dealing with a total ZFG Aussie superman here.

Scientists need to copy and study his DNA code, STAT.

Once they’ve isolated his “raw nerve” gene, they need to make it into a vaccine to prevent Sentient Soy from spreading.

A mass inoculation campaign for all White people will be implemented IMMEDIATELY to help the wayward sons of Evropa to find their FUCKING BALLS again.

All those faggots denouncing and decrying and disavowing need to take a good long hard look at the results of a testosterone-level test administered by a licensed medical professional.

Because this is the correct response to the events that occured at Christchurch.

A checklist of talking points:

  1. Moslems are the REAL terrorists
  2. Part and Parcel, bucko
  3. Population change is to blame
  4. What did you expect would happen?
  5. Sad, but what about this other Moslem massacre that happened recently?
  6. The media is hypocritical in its coverage

That about covers it.

Since these events are going to become a much more common occurrence, it helps to get the talking points down now, in advance and to practice them.

Better to not say anything at all and just have a nice long smug chuckle (smuckle) with your friends as you see the shoe on the other foot.

Do’s and don’ts…

  1. Don’t Boomerpost on social media under your own name about how you support the shooter
  2. Do make funny memes anonymously

This is the standard MO going forward.

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