Unrapable Slag Jess Phillips Says She Nearly Left Labour Because of Corbyn’s Attempt to Bring About a Second Holocaust

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2020

Jess Phillips eventually realized that the only way she could prevent Jeremy Corbyn from performing a second Holocaust was to follow him as her leader.

The Jewish Chronicle:

Labour leadership contender Jess Phillips has said “on many occasions I felt quite tempted” to quit Labour over the antisemitism crisis.

Speaking on LBC, Ms Phillips said the party became “unrecognisable”, but said she did not leave herself because she “would have just been replaced by somebody who might not have spoken up”.

She said “the Luciana thing” – when fellow MP Luciana Berger was driven from the party by antisemitic bullying – “shook me very, very deeply”.

lol Luciana Berger.

I miss 2014.

She said: “Actually, it was the episode of Panorama where I wobbled the most and felt not only was our movement intolerant of the Jewish community, but also those brave staff – Jewish or otherwise – had been bullied and harassed and I just thought ‘this is unrecognisable to me as the party’.

When asked again why she stayed in the party, Ms Phillips said: “You have to focus on the outcome, you have to focus on what you want to see changed.

“Now I could change nothing from the outside and those that walked away, incredibly courageously, it felt for those of us that stayed that it barely moved the dial. And so I stayed.”

Jews managed to successfully scapegoat anti-Semitism as the reason that Labour lost last year.

With Corbyn out, you’re now witnessing a circumcised cocksucking contest to see who can take over leadership of the party.

Jess Phillips doesn’t see the color of the skin or the length of the nose. Because her hair is blocking her vision.