Unpacking the Double Narrative of a War with China

I sure hope you’ve got like, a cave, with some… big ass yellow pipes… and like… a bunch of popup campers. Because you’re gonna need it.

Okay, so – we’re headed for war with China.

Let’s do a bit of unpacking here.

Starting a war with China is going to be a lot more complex than starting a war with Moslems. With the Moslem Wars, you had a much less divided country. It was still largely white in terms of numbers and it was pretty much totally white in terms of cultural norms. It was possible to unite the masses of people behind a cause.

The cause itself was also very simple: Afghanistan blew up our tall towers, we’re gonna get em! Iraq blew up our tall towers, we’re gonna get em! And etc.

Now, you are not going to be able to unite people behind anything. The country is a polarized disaster. So, in order to get people to unite behind a war, you will have to sell them two completely separate narratives as to why the war is happening. There can be overlap; obviously, on the basic point that it is necessary to have a war with China, there will have to be a unified idea, but from there, it will start to splinter off into what will at their tips be two separate narratives.

I said it’s going to be more complex, but I don’t actually know that it will be harder. As I explained yesterday, right-wingers and white women are already united in hatred for China. So this is basically going to be like shooting fish in a barrel all over again.

The hero of the revolution: Chang Double Mic.

I don’t actually understand the right-wing hatred of China, but I have been accused by my own readers of being a Chinese shill simply for not getting on board with a neocon CIA Antifa/terrorist agenda in Hong Kong. As far as I can tell, they just racially dislike the Chinese, so they are supporting Chinese terrorists against the rest of the Chinese because… chaos, I guess? I don’t know. Some of them claimed that the “self-determination” of the people of the Chinese city of Hong Kong is really important to them on a personal level, which is utterly bizarre and confusing to me. I’m supposed to be the Chinese shill, and I can’t imagine caring what happens to a Chinaman. And I guess not caring is what makes me a shill? These readers apparently don’t mind that this thing they support is going to lead to millions of Chinese immigrants coming to the UK and the US. Whatever, who the hell knows – I’m just saying that I’ve seen this, and I know it exists.

It might have to do with people like Paul “Jump Cutter” Joseph Watson, who is a homosexual neocon shill who pretends to be edgy. Maybe his narrative on Hong Kong is spreading through the tubes. Maybe he’s the source of my own readers supporting this stuff. Unclear.

This is what you call serious politics. It’s so serious, it can only be packaged in 4-second bursts, or else it overwhelms your psyche like a Lovecraftian vision.

What is clear is that normie conservatives are gung-ho on China hate – because communism. The boomers are ready to march all their grandsons (and daughters I guess, lol) off to die in a glorious war of liberation for those poor hippies who got run over with tanks. Anyway, that’s no issue – normie conservatives have literally never met a war they didn’t like, and they just don’t really seem to care what the reason for it is or what the costs are going to be for the American people and even for their own families.

While the conservatives hate China because it is communist, the liberals hate it because it isn’t liberal. Moreover, marketing hatred of the Chinese to liberals is easy because yellow Asians exist outside of the paradigm of racism. As we have determined, racism theory and the belief in racism theory is a function of white female sexuality. Because white females are sexually intimidated by yellow Asian females (who are physically and spiritually better than them), and because white females are not attracted to Asian males, it is thus impossible within the liberal paradigm for racism against the Chinese to exist.

Chinese women are thin, they’re soft and delicate, they’re subservient and submissive. They smile and they do not speak when men are speaking. This is to say, they’re all the things a white woman knows she is supposed to be and is rebelling against. The white women hates the yellow woman with a hatred so visceral, a man could never grasp it.

In fact, as we’ve seen, as part of the liberal war narrative forming, we are being told that the Chinese are themselves racist against black people. These is quite the neat little trick, as giving them the ability to perform the act of racism puts them in the same category as whites, and thus means that any horror can be done to them because they do not have value as human beings and in fact deserve to have suffering inflicted on them because they exist.

The conservative narrative will just be “blah blah blah, those people are different than you, they’re bad, go die, goy.”

The liberal narrative will include all of this human rights bullshit – Antifa in Hong Kong not being allowed to burn the city to the ground, Moslems being told to stop being terrorists, something about journalists, maybe women’s rights, the above mentioned racism against the blacks – you know, just whatever is in opposite to liberalism.

All bases are covered here.

We’re pretty much ready to rock.