Unoriginal Canadians Stage Derivative Protest, Destroy Statue, Call for End to Police

Canadians always have some condescending bullshit to say to any single American they meet. They think they’re better than us.

Why then is their entire culture based on copying the very dumbest parts of our culture?

National Post:

Protesters in Montreal toppled and defaced a statue of John A. Macdonald at the end of a demonstration calling on cities to defund police departments.

A spokesman for the Montreal police confirmed the statue of Canada’s first prime minister was unbolted, pulled down and sprayed with graffiti at around 2:45 p.m.

Jean-Pierre Brabant said police were on hand but did not intervene other than to ask the crowd to disperse on a loudspeaker.

No arrests were made.

The incident came at the end of a peaceful protest in which police estimate some 200 people marched to call for police defunding as part of what they called a nationwide day of action.

Images from the event show a crowd of protesters marching in the rain under umbrellas and carrying signs demanding change.

The organizers, who call themselves the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation, are asking for cities to reduce their police budgets by 50 per cent.

John MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada.

Typically, I would say the French are not as bad as the rest of the Canadians. But who knows if these people even were French?

Their signs weren’t in French.

Nigh 100% white women, yet again, you’ll notice.

All these filthy whores want to do is hurt us.

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