Unmarried White Women are the Real Virus

We can all go around blaming the Jews for our problems all day long. It will never be technically inaccurate to say “the Jews are responsible for this problem.”

However, Jews are a very small group of people. They might have invented the various liberal plots, but they couldn’t possibly enforce them by themselves. Their enforcers are white women.

Every white family has at least one white woman in their house. They will enforce Jewish agendas on you.

They will also go out into the streets and enforce Jewish agendas. They are out there right now, driving the blacks like a herd of horses.

Seriously: I see these white women out there, driving these blacks to violence, and I think of the theme song of Rawhide.

“Rollin, rollin, rollin – keep them doggies rollin!”

We might also think of Dino-Riders.

Or any other image of humans leading a pack of wild beasts.

This is what I see when I look at any of these riots. There is always this group of white women, leading the charge, calling for blood. They are almost always overweight and well past their prime in terms of age.

Just skimming Andy Ngo’s Twitter feed, you will find hundreds of these women.

The ones below the age of 25 are all specifically ugly.

Most of them are childless and virtually all of them are unmarried. Their only purpose is to harm white men and destroy things that white men have built. They will use any means to do so.

This is what I have described as the “Cunt Class.” They are on the forefront of the revolution, and are in fact the managers of the revolution.

There is no such thing as a “feminist right-wing.” If you are a feminist, you de facto support every single Jewish agenda, because women are the way that these agendas are enacted.

We are never going to solve any of the problems in Western society without forcing women to marry, and making marriage permanent.