University Removes Word “Freedom” from Student ID Cards Because of Slavery

All they needed was a little over 100 signatures

I checked several dictionaries just to make sure and yes, I can indeed confirm that “freedom” is still the opposite of “slavery.”

It’s shocking that dictionaries can be so racist in current year.

Campus Reform:

While colleges across the country are removing statues and nixing traditions in the name of “inclusivity,” one university is removing the word “freedom” from its student identification cards because it is “has made minority students” feel “dehumanized.”

Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania will change its student, faculty, and staff ID cards from “Freedom Cards” to “RMU ID Cards,” Campus Reform has learned.

The decision follows the circulation of an online petition initiated by student Melanie Hall, who asked the university to rename its ID cards, arguing that the choice of “Freedom Cards” for minority students (who make up 24 percent of students at RMU, according to the petition) was a “poorly named form of identification.”

It “has made minority students (black students in particular) feel like we are being dehumanized. Gifting us with IDs that grant us our ‘freedom’ is of extremely poor taste. Especially coming from a University that is named after a slave owner,” Hall wrote.

“We would like to rename our Freedom Cards to something that is not insensitive,” reads the petition. “If Robert Morris University is the welcoming place that the other 76 percent of students know and love; we ask that these changes be made so that minority students can also feel that same pride in being a Colonial.”

This is the sassy black broad who started the petition:

She’s currently busy studying the pseudo-science of psychology

When she dies in her late 50s/early 60s from being morbidly obese for most of her life, you know who’s gonna be blamed?

Racism and slavery, of course.

John Michalenko, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, told Hall in an email obtained by Campus Reform that “the Freedom Card is changing its name. The Robert Morris University ID is now the RMU ID Card.”

The college will update the technology of the card as well, Michalenko said.

Jonathan Potts, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at RMU, told Campus Reform that the change had been discussed before the circulation of the petition.

“We had already been planning to redesign and rename our student, faculty, and staff identification cards to make them more widely recognized on campus and more easily communicate their purpose,” Potts said, adding that the school “nonetheless thought the time was right to communicate it to the students for whom it was a concern.”

“Success!” Michalenko concluded his email to Hall. “Tell your mom.”

That anyone would treat this as a serious educational institution is mind-blowing.

You know, I kinda feel sorry for the guy it’s named after.

He was one of America’s founding fathers, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and while he probably wasn’t that important in the grand scheme of things, he did contribute to creating what would one day become one of the most powerful countries that ever existed.

A nuthouse like this carrying his name is probably making the guy spin in his grave.

It’s really a shame what happened to America.

America had everything you needed to truly become the greatest nation that ever existed – an enormous country with enormous amounts of natural resources, the largest number of Europeans of any single country, a geography that made sure you never had to have a war on your own soil ever, a form of government that was reasonably functional and sane, a constitution that made sense, and briefly after WWII America was basically the first invincible country in history.

Americans could be building cities on Mars today.