University Professor Rob Poe Calls for Violence Against Racists who Organize Politically

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2015

This is what passes for a professor nowadays.

In this video, Arizona State University associate professor Rob Poe gives explicit instructions for people to use violence against White people who disagree with him politically.

He is doing this at a teach-in that he organized in order to explain the “Problem of Whiteness.”

So long as people do not organise politically, then he doesn’t care.

But the minute White people start organising, then he states that violence should be used against them.

Incredibly he says this is because he does not want to curtail free speech!

He is then asked whether he has ever had to actually do this to any ‘racists’ and he answers yes, but then says that he did not instigate it!

He is instigating violence against White people right now!

I wonder what the ASU president thinks about this?


I wonder what the ASU donors think about this?


The full video is available here.