University of Missouri Enrollment Collapses After Jew-Instigated Black Chimpout

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2017

More and more white people are realizing that college is a huge waste of time and money. Even if you opt to go for a science or math major, you are forced to take “core” liberal arts classes where you pay Jews thousands of dollars (usually on credit) to shout sustained racial abuse at you. The catch Jewy-Jew is that many employers treat college diplomas like yesteryear’s GEDs for their $10 dollar an hour jobs, leading to a cycle of debt-interest slavery.

At the 2015-2016 Mizzou chimpouts, Jews provoked racial tension by setting blacks against whites on campus over a prolonged period of time. To this day, nobody really knows what “Concerned Student 1950” was even about, or what the protesters wanted. That’s where Jews like (((Melissa Click))) step in to articulate a fictitious world of flowing rivers of white racism that blacks are drowning in because they can’t swim.

Jews threw their yarmulkes into the ring and kept the tension alive by concocting a Swastika vandalism… with their fecal matter!

But it looks like whites and even many blacks want no part in this circus. The school is getting its just rewards.

Business Insider:

Enrollment at the University of Missouri is plummeting two years after the school was rocked by racially charged protests, according to a New York Times report on Monday.

Freshman enrollment at the school has fallen 35% since 2015, costing it millions of dollars in lost tuition, and leaving it desperate for funding, the Times reported.

The dropoff is especially pronounced among minority students — freshman enrollment among black students fell 42%, compared to 21% among white freshmen. The newest data continue the downward trend that officials recognized early last year.

Now, the university is struggling to shake its reputation and attract new students. Some prospective students shunned the school because of a perceived reputation of discrimination. One white student interviewed by The Times said he elected to attend another in-state school because he feared being painted as a racist at the University of Missouri campus.

The school is hoping to make up some of the lost revenue by renting out vacant dorm rooms for weekends with major events, such as football games and viewings of the upcoming solar eclipse in August, according to The Times.

College is a corporate business that doubles as an ideological instruction camp. The goal is to churn out a whole generation of small souled bugmen – not just in bureaucracy, but even down to the barista. By training the masses in “advanced” neo-liberal globalist ideology, elites do not have to fear torches and pitchforks for their abuses.

In the short-term, boycotting schools that willingly (or not) make a name for themselves as hotbeds of Jewish white-baiting will spook the smaller schools. In the long-term, nationalists must seize power and whisk the Jewish and communist professors out so that institutions of higher learning can produce something other than black race-rioters, white assault victims and credentials that are effectively worth less than the paper they’re printed on.