University of Mississippi Pays $130k to Hire Monkey to “Sing”

Daily Stormer
October 14, 2017

The other black Beethoven

How you feeling about your student debt now, Whitey? Totally worth it, right?

The College Fix:

 The University of Mississippi paid $130,000 to bring rap star Wiz Khalifa to the campus as part of its back-to-school festivities for a performance that was clouded with controversy because the artist celebrates drug use and uses lyrics that degrade women.

“He’s a nigger” is more than enough reason…

 The College Fix, through a public records act request, obtained a copy of the contract between the public university and the rapper’s management company, showing the compensation included a $130,000 pay out for the one-hour performance in front of some 5,000 students.

Campus leaders now refuse to address questions regarding the high cost of bringing Wiz Khalifa to campus for a concert that drew criticism from many, including a major donor.

How could he not know what he’s wasting his money on? Hell, I live on the other side of the planet and I know universities in America are giant nuthouses (this being just a minor incident in the grand scheme of things), so how could he not know?

 The choice of Khalifa, an artist who openly flaunts using marijuana and whose music includes vulgar lyrics and scantily clad women in its videos, irked some alumni who saw his visit to campus as antithetical to the university’s principles.

But…But… He’s diverse! I mean, super diverse! And isn’t that what your (((principles))) are all about?

 Khalifa performed at Ole Miss on Aug. 25 at a student-only concert hosted at the university’s on-campus arena. The institution’s Student Activities Association sponsored the event, which was part of the flagship university’s welcome week activities. The Ole Miss Student Union funds the Student Activities Association, according to The Daily Mississippian.

The concert was free to students, who only had to show their student ID to get in.

It wasn’t free, it’s gonna cost them decades of debt.

 In an interview with The Daily Mississippian, Brady Ruffin, executive director of the Student Activities Association, said his group’s vote to have Wiz Khalifa perform on campus was “almost pretty unanimous.”

I thought that name sounded familiar. He’s one of the people revolutionizing upper education by providing students with entertainment for 6-year-olds.

 Yet, that decision came with blowback.

Conservative news website LifeZette reported “emails and texts flooded the office of Chancellor Jeff Vitter” regarding Khalifa’s planned appearance on campus. Among those who reached out to Vitter was alumnus Meg Carter, who questioned why Khalifa’s “message of heavy drug use and sexualization of women” was being welcomed on campus.

“Wiz Khalifa continues to self-promote an image of heavy drug use, disparaging views of women, and downright foul and offensive language used in his song lyrics and social media presence,” Carter wrote in an email, according to LifeZette. “Ole Miss had always fostered a culture when I was a student that these things and other of the like were not acceptable or would not be tolerated on campus. Has this changed?”

I’m gonna assume this woman is very old, or else she’d know that nigger “culture” – drugs+crime+muh dik+dat booty – is a staple of modern American society.

You can thank the Jews for that.

Another critic of the concert was Ed Meek, a Ole Miss alumni who donated $5.3 million to the university’s journalism school, which is now named after him and his wife.

A Facebook screenshot posted by The Daily Mississippian shows a post from Meek criticizing Khalifa’s appearance at Ole Miss.

“This guy does not represent our values. How does the UM administration expect our students to act when presented this kind of role model,” Meek wrote.

Meek urged others to “tell Ole Miss to cancel this bozo.”

Yeah… Sorry to disappoint you bud, but you’re the bozo here. That is only doing what monkeys always do – being a fucking monkey.

You,on the other hand, gave a fortune to an institution where people that hate you teach kids who could be your sons and daughters to hate themselves and you.

Who’s the real bozo, huh?

Meanwhile, people like me who never went to college can just sit at home debt free while listening to real music for no cost.

That’s because we’re neither bozos nor niggers.

Ooops…Think I just outed myself as a Russian hacker