University of Maryland Paying Students to Promote Feminism, Infanticide and Faggotry

Daily Stormer
April 5, 2018

Students these days tackle the important questions with chalk

I wonder what happens when these people realize what they’re getting paid for won’t even make a dent in the debt they’ll have when they finish college, and won’t help them get a job anywhere either.

Daily Caller:

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County is hiring students to promote abortion rights and assist with its mission of furthering “gender equity from an intersectional feminist perspective,” according to a Monday report.

The school’s women’s center is hiring students whom it will pay at least $9.25 an hour promote reproductive justice, LGBTQ issues, and writing blogs, reported Campus Reform. “Proficiency” in “social justice issues” is listed as one of the position’s qualifications.

I wonder how they measure “proficiency” in what is essentially gibberish made up by mentally ill people.

 Students chosen to fill the position may be “developing programs on topics affecting women and/or marginalized groups,” reads the position description. “Programming can be flexible to reflect individual interests and specific academic program needs (e.g. women in STEM, reproductive health and justice; body image; sexual violence and consent; LGBTQ issues; leadership development).”

They also may be tasked with conducting women’s center programs such as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Women’s History Month.

In order words – this is a make-work program by the (((nomenklatura))) to find the next generation of useful idiots and apparatchik.

Blogging is listed as a potential responsibility of the women’s center employees. The most recent blog argues the existence of “makeup microaggressions,”which reportedly occur when the student author Samiksha Manjani receives a compliment about makeup.

I actually bothered reading all of that and… wew.

Just wew.

There is no word other than “wew” that can describe the sheer idiocy of the thing.

Also, keep in mind who the creature writing the gibberish is:

This thing claims to receive compliments

I can assure the author of this insane, pointless waste of almost 2 minutes of my life that any compliment you’ve ever gotten is either a lie OR you’ve met a lot of people who are at the same time blind, retarded and overly polite.

The only way anyone would ever honestly compliment your makeup is if a whole truckload of it was poured down your head and covered every single inch of your worthless existence.

“These microaggressions between women were essentially internalized sexism caused by heterosexist patriarchy,” Manjani wrote. “Under patriarchal norms, women’s value is dependent on their attractiveness to men.”

Actually, there’s a thing called biology which does that.

But I don’t expect some creature who can’t figure out how a toilet works to understand that.

“The sad thing about this kind of program is that women will not be told about the dangerous nature of abortion, the predatory practices of greedy abortion mega providers, and the fact that many people — including fellow students such as in Students for Life — are standing by to help women make a choice for life,” Students for Life of America spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “No one should feel that they must choose between their child and their education.”

Hamrick also criticized the school’s decision to fund pro-choice advocates, but not pro-life ones.

You could try to stop funding them yourself by going there.

Just by being a student there, you’re giving money to people who hate you to distribute to other people who hate you and work against you.

And it doesn’t look like anyone’s getting any kind of “education” there anyway…