University of Kansas to Offer an “Angry White Male Studies” Course

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2019

I think this really is all just daddy issues. The whole new society. It all appears to be “FUCK YOU, DAD!”

That seems to have been the wages of the baby boomer divorce agenda. That agenda created an entire generation of daddy issue people, who are fulfilling the Jewish dream of raging against their fathers and destroying the concept of authority.

White males are not “angry.”

Portraying them that way is just a characterization of evil, and this evil caricature is all of these people’s absent or weak fathers.


A new course, entitled, “Angry White Male Studies” at the University of Kansas (KU) will be focusing on white males in “America and Britain,” and will examine supposed “manifestations of male anger, as well as “dominant and subordinate masculinities” among white males.

“Angry White Male Studies” will be offered at KU in the 2019 fall semester in both the Humanities and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies departments, and even requires a prerequisite course — or the instructor’s permission — in order to enroll for the course, according to the course description on the university’s website.

“This course charts the rise of the ‘angry white male’ in America and Britain since the 1950s, exploring the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger,” states the course description.

The description adds that the course will offer “interdisciplinary perspectives” on how “dominant and subordinate masculinities” play a role “in cultures undergoing periods of rapid change connected to modernity as well as to rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals.”

“Angry White Male Studies” will be taught by KU’s Dean’s Professor of Humanities and Professor of History Christopher E. Froth, whose research revolves around “the cultural history of gender, sexuality, the body, and the senses (with an emphasis on modern France, Britain and America),” according to KU’s website.

The professor’s biography also notes that he is “especially concerned with how perceptions and experiences of the body are situated in different social and cultural locations.”

I have never heard of the surname “Froth.” But I would just assume he’s Jewish.

If you Google him, the first thing that comes up is a 2004 article he wrote entitled “The Dreyfus Affair and the Crisis of French Manhood.”

Which I am very certain is about how white masculinity resulted in the oppression of innocent Jews. There is nothing else that an article with that title could be about.

This relationship between attacks on white men and the Jews is very strange, no?

It’s almost like they’re trying to exterminate us, these Jews.

Furthermore, it appears that they are actively programming the females of our race to assist them in this extermination agenda.

The obvious solution here would be to exterminate them before they exterminate us.

But who will help me bake these kikes?