University Lemmings Caught in a Bind Over Religious Freedom

Daily Stormer
March 13, 2017

The lemming principle in action.

For decades, right-wing activists have been clamoring on the need to “educate” people. The conservative strategy has been that if people are presented with “just the right argument,” then they would suddenly see the light and start the revolution (or vote for whoever).

Obviously, that’s not how the world works.

Just look at the brain-dead lemmings in the video above. They’re hand-held through these plain scenarios, and make the argument themselves that “people should be free to follow their conscience.”

But as soon as he brings up a “politically-incorrect” example, they shut down and change their “principles.”

The reason for that is that these people don’t have principles. They just follow the social norms of their group. No amount of “educating” will make them admit that a Christian has the right to deny business to faggots, even if they explicitly said they believe in that principle 10 seconds ago.

That’s just human nature. 90% of people are like that. There’s no use crying about it.

But here’s the thing; those students spout this nonsense because they’re a part of a specific subculture, and those are the norms of that subculture.

The reason we’re winning now is that we’re building a new subculture with radically different ideas about what is acceptable and unacceptable. And that subculture is spreading through these tubes like a wildfire, making waves everywhere else as well.

And we’re not accomplishing this through clever arguments or reasoned discussion, but through memes, humor and trolling. In many corners of the web (and the outside world as well), these SJW’s are already like pariahs.

We just need to keep going!