University College London Admits Locking Down Kids Did More Harm Than Good (Basically, It’s a Hoax)

Check the date on this one, buddy!¬†Honestly, anyone who says “Anglin should stop saying I told you so” should be dragged out behind the barn and… given a hug.

So let’s imagine for a second there is a new virus, that is exactly the same as the flu in every way you are able to observe, but it is actually different in some very important and very vague way.

Then, while we’re imagining that, let’s look at this latest information.

Daily Mail:

Children face an ‘extremely low’ one in 500,000 risk of dying from the coronavirus, researchers have found.

In England, just 25 under-18s have died from Covid, which equates to around two in a million, experts said.

“One in 500,000 – in other words, two in a million” -The Daily Mail

Why do they write like this?

They actually do good journalism, especially in terms of sending people to go through this data (I don’t have time to go read scientific papers very often), but the way they write is absurd.

One sentence paragraphs are so pleb.

Aren’t they, folks?

I think they are.

But seriously, this is important information.

We should get back to it.

This number is infinitesimal.

It could just as easily be statistical noise at that point.

Though the article admits they had potentially terminal illnesses/conditions.

Presumably, they were in the hospital for treatment for those illnesses/conditions, then took a coronavirus test, then died.

Young people with pre-existing medical conditions, like heart disease and cancer, and severe disability, which can include cerebral palsy and autism, have a higher chance of becoming seriously ill from the virus.

But the scientists – from three top British universities – said this risk is no higher then the risk from flu.

Teenagers, black and obese children were also at higher risk from dying with Covid but these numbers were still very low, they found.

Researchers said their findings – which were published in three separate papers today – will help inform vaccine and shielding policy for under-18s.

They will submit the studies to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), the Department for Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The studies were led by researchers at University College London, the University of York and the University of Liverpool.

University College London is the sister school of Imperial College London, the group that initially kicked off this entire lunatic hoax by presenting that graph that said millions of people would die.

Remember the one Anthony Fauci presented at that big meeting with Donald Trump, telling everyone they were going to die by the millions, with bodies stacking in the streets?

He went full Drowning Pool, which you’re never supposed to do.

It turned out the graph was based on nothing.

Neil Ferguson just made it up – though it obviously wasn’t his idea.

The only thing going through his mind when he posted that graph was how he was gonna be titty-slapping fat middle-aged married women after he got famous.

Ferguson was the OG Matt Hancock – getting high on power and then blowing his career to sleep with a woman he could have slept with before he was even famous.

Protip: If you are ever on TV repeatedly for any reason, you automatically enter the top 1% of attractiveness, regardless of what you look like or anything else about you personally.

Either Ferguson or Hancock could have pulled up outside the college with a bus and filled it up with 19-year-old girls, but they both went for ugly old women because they’re not actually smart.

(Also, both of their affairs were likely leaked because the public was sick of them and the government didn’t have another way to fire them after having made all these false claims about their intelligence.)

Anyway – there is zero chance this data on child deaths is going to inform any policy.

Whatever you think about the virus, the vaccine is an absolute mandate.

They have made it 100% clear that they are going to feed this vaxx to everyone on earth – at least everyone who can’t get out of it by having elite connections.

Working for Anthony Fauci, for example, is an “elite connection.”

Fauci admitted back in May that 40-50% of his employees had refused the vaccine. (Sorry, I can’t do the one sentence paragraph joke anymore – you get it, we have short paragraphs. It’s easier to read on a screen. Furthermore, it keeps things popping.) The “fact checkers” claimed that it was “false” that they didn’t refuse it, but Fauci’s organization had vaccination on site – and it had been there for nearly a month when Fauci said this. So I don’t think you can split hairs between “refused” and “decided not to do it.”

To this day, no single journalist has asked him “WHY?” people who work for the top government agency pushing this vaxx are refusing it. You would think that would be a pretty interesting question.

Fauci wants to vaxx infants.

Anyway, back to this “new information” that I’ve been saying for a year.

One of the studies is the first to determine the number of children who died from Covid rather than with the virus. It concluded that the virus killed 25 children in England.

The coronavirus contributed to 0.8 per cent of the 3,105 deaths in children from all causes in the first year of the pandemic.

During the same period, 124 children died from suicide, while 268 died from trauma, showing that Covid ‘is rarely fatal’ in children, the researchers said.

So, five times more likely to die of suicide.

Of course, teenage suicides drastically increased because children were locked in their houses to protect them from the virus.

You can kinda see how, even looking directly at this data coming from the exact same source as the fear mania, a person simply wouldn’t be able to believe it. You can see how someone’s eyes would just glass over.

Part of the way these institutions function is that they have to go back and look at previous data and do more research into it. Now that we have all of these numbers, you’ll likely see a wave of institutions coming out and admitting outright that the whole thing was a hoax.

That is effectively what University College London is doing here. There was never any reason for a lockdown, because there wasn’t actually a pandemic.

Next factoid:

More than 75 per cent of the children who died had chronic conditions, while two thirds had more than one underlying condition and 60 per cent had life-limiting conditions.

Six of the children who died were not recorded as having an underlying health problem, but the scientists said they may have had undiagnosed illnesses.

The paper states that the ‘extremely low’ risk of death means removing children from their normal activities like school and social events ‘may prove a greater risk than that of SARS-CoV-2 itself’.

Yup. There it is.

The lockdown hurts more than it helps according to their own data, in every conceivable way, and they are now starting to admit that in their hundreds of pages long papers that only the Daily Mail reads.

You always have to distinguish between their own data and reality, and I have consistently made the point that if you just look at what they – the government, media and medical establishment being the eternal “they” in this case – are saying, their actions don’t make any sense.

They barely attempted to drum up coronavirus deaths among children in the first place. Instead they would consistently claim that kids would infect their grandparents, because the backbone of this hoax was saying that every 80-year-old who died of anything had died of coronavirus.

Of course then the question was: “well, old people are already locked down, because everyone is locked down – so why not just only lock down old people?” There was no answer to that question, just as there is no answer as to why a vaccine only works if everyone has the vaccine.

The Mail went the distance and cited two other recent studies coming to the same conclusions.

Basically: people have already adapted to Virus World, and there no longer needs to be some kind of argument.

You know the old thing.

Then you just combine that with the other old thing.

Well, yeah, of course that – but I meant the other other old thing.


People can’t process the size of this lie. Hitler pointed it out. When school books talk about it they say he wrote a book talking about how he was going to lie to people, but he was actually talking about some lie of the Jews about World War I.

Therewith one started out with the very correct assumption that in the size of the lie there is always contained a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of a people may be more corrupt in the bottom of their hearts than they will be consciously and intentionally bad, therefore with the primitive simplicity of their minds they will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one, since they themselves perhaps also lie sometimes in little things, but would certainly still be too much ashamed of too great lies. Thus such an untruth will not at all enter their heads, and therefore they will be unable to believe in the possibility of the enormous impudence of the most infamous distortion in others; indeed, they may doubt and hesitate even when being enlightened, and they accept any cause at least as nevertheless being true; therefore, just for this reason some part of the most impudent lie will remain and stick; a fact which all great lying artists and societies of this world know only too well and therefore also villainously employ.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it. People can say whatever they want about Hitler, but no one can say he was dumb. (Actually, I guess they do say he was dumb, because they claim he wrote a book about how he was going to lie to people and then published it before lying to people. That would be a pretty dumb thing to do.)

It is painfully obvious that no one can really process the fact that Fauci and Ferguson and the rest of the experts, and then entire governments, could all have decided to lie about the existence of a viral pandemic.

If people do start to process this fact, and make it through to the phase where they can believe someone would tell this lie, they immediately become ashamed to admit it.

We saw the same thing earlier this week with Cassandra Fairbanks supporting the FBI informant Enrique Tarrio. I said it and will say it: Cassandra was one of only four “political women” I respected. There are now only three. But I don’t think she’s working for the feds – she came from the left where, unlike the right, political activist groups tell people not to talk to the cops. I think she just can’t come to terms with having been tricked into believing this guy was her friend and a great guy and so on, and she had promoted him and been friends with him (and maybe much worse), and so she would feel foolish to admit to herself what has been printed in black and white in court documents. So instead, she will hurt herself further – and hurt other people – potentially very badly in order to continue believing a lie.

I mean, can you imagine if you’d gone around freaking out about this virus? If you restructured your entire life around it? If you lost tremendous amounts of money because of it? If the lockdown destroyed your children? If you missed your father’s funeral?

You would feel like a total moron admitting that you’d been hoaxed. My example was a woman, but really, women can rewrite their own realities very easily, and tell themselves they always knew it was a hoax. All of the world exists inside of a woman’s ego, and the world is forced to shift with her ego. But a man who went around like an absolute ninnying faggot with the masks and everything? A man who deferred to Anthony Fauci as some kind of brilliant leader? It would be crushing to a man’s spirit to admit to have been scammed like that, having acted like such a fool, believing something so stupid as this hoax.

Of course, it is much more pathetic for a man to not admit he’d been hoaxed, and just continue on in a fake reality to protect his ego, and I salute any reader who is new to these truths.

But we’ve found that baby boomers literally cannot grasp the concept that they have been hoaxed their whole lives by a fake interpretation of the Bible that claims God secretly really loves evil Jewish pornographers and international financial criminals.

Although I will say: Donald Trump got boomers to admit that the Iraq War was pointless and insane. That was a pretty big deal. (Trump did a lot of big deals, despite now being a shadow of his former self.) So maybe there is some hope.

Despite the fact that much of the world is still in various stages of lockdown, people in America appear to believe the pandemic has ended. So it is possible that even without coming to terms with the fact that they’ve been hoaxed, they will offer more pushback in the fall when the hoax comes back bigly with “vaccine resistant variants.”

Our bumbling overlords could end up with a hard time this fall.

Then again, it’s also possible people will start dying in massive numbers as a result of the vaccine, and they will have actual real mass death to blame on their fake virus.