University Bribing Students to Promote Islam

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2017

If they wanted to promote Islam, they should just tell guys they’ll get a harem of modest and submissive waifus.

Wow, imagine you do all this work, meeting Moslems, interviewing them for a documentary, helping them promote their Jihad agenda to eradicate your race, and all you got in payment was lousy academic credits from your state-funded university.

Yeah, I’d be mad too.

If i’m going to help in the Islamification of America, I need more than lousy credits. I need cold, hard cash.

Ball State University needs to get their heads on straight and start getting serious with their Jihad terrorist program. That means giving their students something of value.

After all, once the Moslems finish taking over, these diplomas won’t be worth squat. Jobs will be awarded based on how many filthy kaffir you’ve beheaded and how many statues you’ve helped demolish.

Daily Caller:

Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana will offer a course which gives actual academic credit to students for meeting Muslims, hanging out at a Muncie mosque, and making a documentary film about Muslims who reside in the local area.

I dunno about this. It’s going to be pretty hard to beat the documentary films Moslems already make about themselves.

10/10, would accept Moslem neighbors.

The taxpayer-funded course at Ball State is a seminar titled “Muslims In Muncie,” according to an informational email obtained by The Daily Caller.

The course is scheduled for the spring semester.

A flyer promoting the “Muslims In Muncie” course explains that enrolled students will “learn about the history and diversity of Muslims in America” by participating “in the social and ritual life of the Muncie Islamic Center.” Students will also meet Muslim leaders and collect oral histories from Muslims for a documentary film.

All of this sounds really enriching and progressive.

How about next semester, you should do this again, but with another minority community: Neo-Nazis. After all, if the students participate in the rituals and culture of Neo-Nazis, and help create a documentary to promote their lifestyle, it should help to normalize and integrate this culture and foster a climate of peace and understanding.

Traditional Alt-Right religious ceremony.

Contact us once you’re ready to set this up, we’ll give you a hand.

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